It’s a fact that most ladies love luxury goods, like designer handbags, but it’s also true that many of them can’t afford the high price of these designer bags and get very frustrated before the seasonal creations. So the “perfect” solution comes out – borrowing a bag from others or from the special stores. I have to admit that it’s not expensive and is affordable, also it’s easy too. But I can’t help asking myself and the ladies who are enjoying this kind of service, is it the best choice? Are you enjoying the experience of borrowing used bags from others? Are you really happy regarding you can’t have your own designer bags?

We have to say it’s a great idea for those who making the “borrowing choice” come true. There are several reasons. First, there are data showing that at least one third of women own more than ten bags, but for designer bags, their prices are so high that most ladies can’t afford to buy even one. The choice of borrowing designer bags makes it not a dream for ladies by cutting down the price. Second, these businesses often carry a huge selection of designer bags, including the latest styles, which makes it possible for the ladies to choose their favorite designer bags. Especially, some businesses only carry Hermes handbags for ladies who have special interest in this brand. Last but not least, it’s easy and effortless, if you want to get one designer bag, just review their online stores and then you will get it a few clicks away.

But, the questions come, is it the best choice? I can’t imagine the feeling that I could enjoy when I borrow from such a store, the reason is so obvious, the bags are used and second-handed. Because designers handbags, just like jewelry, luxury watches, sunglasses, are s symbol of personality and a statement of your taste. It’s true this choice make it possible for you have the ability to afford the price, but it obviously makes the luxury bags as the ordinary consumer products like DVDs, costumes and books. Luxury goods have lost their original meanings. Just take an example, you love one Miu Miu bag very much, but you can’t afford it because it’s about several thousand dollars. Then you go to borrow this miu miu bag and then to join the party. You are proud and your friends are very jealous because you are carrying such an expensive fashion bag. But please remember that you will have to return this bag back after the party, how could you do tomorrow? After you returned this bag, when you come across your friend that you met in the party, how can you answer if she mentioned your Miu Miu bag? Can you tell her that you borrowed and have just returned?

Taking all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, I think most of the ladies would choose the right choice – buying one designer bag. Furthermore, there do exist places online where you can purchase brand new designer handbags online, the quality is first-class, the price is affordable, and also they are trustable because many customers have written the reviews for your reference.

Victor Wilson is a dedicated writer showing his opinions for fashion lovers who are seeking for designer bags, like Fendi bag [], prada handbags [] and Balenciaga bags.

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