Unless you are a parent, you might be scratching your head over what to buy your friend who has just announced the arrival of her new baby. It is a hard decision to make. Any other time a bottle of nice red wine would suffice as a gift, but if mum is breastfeeding, alcohol is a big no-no. She probably won’t appreciate a big box of chocolates either as like many mums she will be keen to lose her baby weight. So what are your options?

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Aromatherapy Gifts

Sleep deprivation is all part and parcel of becoming a new parent. Most parents suffer from some degree of sleep deprivation for the first twelve months, as the toll of night feeds and an insomniac newborn takes its toll. An essential oil kit will come in very useful for a sleep deprived mother. Lavender will help her fall asleep and stay asleep and chamomile has useful relaxation properties. Marjoram is also good for sleep and stress problems. As well as essential oils, you could also look for aromatherapy candles.

Night Light

Night lights are incredibly useful for a baby’s nursery. With the aid of a low level night light, mum can creep into baby’s room and check whether (or not) he is asleep, change his nappy with the minimum of disruption at night, and do the night feeds without being woken up too much by a bright light. Look for personalised night lights if you want to give a unique gift.

Baby Sheepskin

Baby sheepskins make excellent gifts for new parents, so if the new mum tells you she wants a “new sheepskin for my baby”, you have it covered. Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and extremely comfortable against a baby’s delicate skin. Look for low-pile baby sheepskins to avoid any fibres irritating his nose and eyes, and if you want your gift to stand out from the others, buy a colourful dyed baby sheepskin in hot pink or vivid green.

Family Portrait

OK, so a lot of new mums won’t want the dark shadows around their eyes and their mum tums recorded for posterity, but a family portrait gift is still worth giving. New parents can use it to take a snapshot in time when baby was small and cute. Babies grow so fast that it won’t be long before the camera is recording their first day at school.

Baby Photo Album

On the same note, a photograph album is a lovely gift. Despite the fact we live in a digital age where photographs are uploaded to social media and stored in the cloud as a matter of routine, there is something a bit special about an old-fashioned photo album. Mum can fill it with photos and use it as a cute memento as baby grows.

Food Hamper

Most new parents don’t get time to take a shower, let alone eat, so a hamper of delicious goodies will hit the mark nicely.

If you still can’t decide what to buy, ask your friend if there is anything she needs, or offer your time instead so she can take a nap or escape for an hour or two.

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