There are no denying that there are so many classic chanel handbags
available for the fashion conscious people to choose from. Since for most of us know that almost everything we buy is made in factories, not by a talented artisan that cares about his work, and that makes luxury goods a bit less fun.

With vintage, at least we can pretend that it was made by a guy named Francois in a picturesque workshop, diligently sewing bags while wearing a beret and smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. Or at least that’s what happens in my head. Perhaps Francois had a hand in the lovely chanel handbags
? I bet no one can prove to me that he didn’t – it’s vintage, after all. This is not your average vintage Chanel bag – classic flaps are fairly easy to find at high-end vintage shops and, if you have nerves of steel, on eBay, but styles that were only made for a short period of time and don’t have the “iconic” status of a flap bag are what really intrigue me.

I particularly like the large metal pieces on the ends and that this bag uses a specially woven leather to mimic the brand’s trademark quilts – the details go a long way in a vintage piece. I don’t know if I’d pay the premium for it, but if you want a Chanel bag that you’ll probably never see on anyone else, something like this is right up your alley. As for most of the fashion conscious people, the chanel handbags
are too expensive for them to buy, and if you want to buy some items at reasonable prices with good quality, then you have to buy them online.

Here are four versions (though there are many more, including exotic skin) of the Chanel bag. The fashion Chanel handbags are made of jersey material, you read that right. as for me, if I am buying a 2.55 from Chanel it will be in leather or an exotic skin, but not everyone feels the same way. This Chanel bag is one of the most recognizable from the house. If there are some choices for you, then you should visit here to get your styles.

chanel handbags

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