Christmas is coming and Chanel put out its new makeup series for this Christmas. Before the temptation disappearing, let us surrender to it this phrase make an good comment to this Christmas makeup series. It seems to inspire the Chanel global creative director’s imagination. Indulging for a moment is no longer a sin and the wisdom of pleasure has been given a new definition. Lets go to see this series.
1.#Les 4 Ombres: Mystic Eyes 14.
As the core product for this Christmas series, this section of four-color eyes shadow shows the mesmeric charm of brown with its two deep colors and two light colors. The delicate eye shadow Exudes metallic luster and makes your eyes release endless tenderness inadvertently.
This four-color eyes shadow can soften your eyes instantly and make them looked very tender with its certain iridescent attractiveness. If you want to create a relatively dramatic looking, this four-color eye shadow can be used wet to create a more deadly allure with the Enchanting Beauty look.
2.#Ombre dEau Delta 90 .
This cream eye shadow can greet the eyelids instantly and emit a transparent glossy luster with its metallic champagne color. Whats more, it is easy to use with its liquid texture.
When using, you can blend it on your eyelids by patting gently, and it will present the feeling of contracted grace. Or, you can portray it on the root of your eyelashes and it will present the feeling of heavy makeup.
10 Tweed Pink: The touch of blush on the cheeks make the makeup on the cheekbones to be extremely charm. This blusher creates an extremely soft transparent glow.
124 Venus: Slightly bright pink gold and pin.
128 Meteore: Rose pink.
131Mica: Soft and sweet milky pink.
In order to create the fine natural lips, Chanel put out two section of classic soft gentle color lipstick.
11 LGENDE: It is produced as a symbol of the marvelous life of Mrs. Chanel for she gave a whole new definition of feminine charms. Its delicate pinkish brown is a collision of arrogance and uninhibited personality.
20 ROSE COMTE: It has a glossy and fine pinkish purple color that looks like a top jewelry
5.#Nail polish
485 Django and 499 Gondola: These two sections of spiffy colored mail polish add highlights to the makeup, make your outlook more wonderful and reveal the endless charm of female.

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