One of the things to take advantage of during Spring Cleaning is changing your wardrobe from winter to spring. Packing away heavy sweaters, overcoats and those piles of scarves can be exhausting but making room for the light layers and bright pastels of spring really helps to elevate your mood. I grew up in San Diego, California where there was no need for switching our wardrobes over but after living in Shanghai for several years, I have become quite the expert on seasonal wardrobe changes. Shanghai winters are wet, cold and miserable but we get it back in the summer with high humidity and sweltering heat. No one survives without changing a wardrobe from season to season. Here are a few tips to make chaining your wardrobe from winter to spring successful.

1. Thick to thin

Start with your thickest sweaters heaviest knits, bulkiest overcoats and puffer jackets. There’s a good chance you won’t be wearing any of these as the temperatures warm up. Fold them nicely and put them away. Same with winter accessories: although a pair of thin cashmere gloves may be just the thing to complement your outfit, those thick knit mittens or ski gloves can probably be packed away.

Lighter sweaters such as those made with Merino wool, cotton blend cashmere or cotton silk can be kept out. Spring can still be a little chilly and a thin sweater with layering potential should be kept on hand. Same with lighter scarves. Cotton blend scarves are a fun way to stay cozy during a spring brunch outside or in the office so don’t pack them away just yet. Spring is all about layering so light cardigans and sweaters can still be OK to wear.

Changing your wardrobe from winter to spring

2. Dark to Light

Unless you dress all in black year round, you can start to pack away all those dark winter colors. From charcoal gray to navy to deep forrest green, you need to make room for some light colors in your closet. Pick a few pieces that you think you could carry over to spring but go ahead and pack the majority of those dark clothes away. You’ll want to have all the whites and pastels in your wardrobe ready for that spring day when it’ll be perfect to stroll down to the farmer’s market.

3. High to Low

Knee-high boots can mostly be packed away now too. And you can throw away those UGGS. Keep a few pairs of ankle boots and  maybe one flat riding boot out but you won’t need anything more than this for spring. Ankle boots look great with colored skinny jeans or a floral print dress and a flat riding boot can still be paired with a short skirt and a denim jacket for a classic spring look. It’ll still be chilly for sandal season so keep your pumps within access. You can wear pumps with ankle jeans for a very J.Crew styling straight from their look book.

4. When in doubt, throw it out.

Well, don’t actually throw it out because you might want it for next winter. But if you’re not sure about a certain piece, pack it away. It’s easy to stay bundled up in winter knits but if you don’t challenge yourself, you might miss spring altogether. I find that packing everything away helps me to create new outfits and makes room for spring shopping as well. If you don’t pack up those thick sweaters, you might miss out on cute layering options. Spring is a renewal. Breath new life into your closet and be fearless when it comes to changing your wardrobe from winter to spring.

 Changing your wardrobe from winter to spring

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