As you browse the online retail store looking for a new mat for yoga, your mind suddenly starts to go all fuzzy and you feel dizzy…..Jade yoga mats, pink, yoga mats, plastic yoga mats and sticky yoga mats overload your senses. “There are so many”, you say to yourself, “Which one should I choose”.
There doesn’t seem to be too much equipment associated with yoga. Obviously you need to be dressed correctly for the occasion and you may need a towel. Perhaps you will need to use something to lean on, say, a chair or table, or you might even splash out on a purpose built yoga block.
There is one piece of equipment that over 99% of people who practice yoga seem to be using, and that is of course, the yoga mat, and with so many options available these days it can be a hard choice to make when you are just getting started with yoga.
It can be very easy to be tempted to buy something, only to find it is totally unsuitable when you get it.
For example, a friend of mine made a mistake when she saw an offer to buy two yoga mats online, for a discount on the price of one. She worked out that she was getting a very good deal, they both had a nice pattern printed on one side and they seemed to be just what she wanted.
However, on her very first session using one of them, she had to give up using it after about 10 to 15 minutes because the darn thing was slipping all over the place. It just would not stay still in one place and every time she put the slightest bit of pressure unevenly on one of her feet the mat slid off, causing her to slip at least three times, but thankfully she said that particular yoga class was fairly empty with only about 6 people in, lucky for her.
The point is that she saw what she thought was a bargain and went right ahead and pressed the buy button without first checking the finer details of the product.
There is a huge range of mats to choose from these days. A good quality one will be made from a material that sticks to the floor so that the mat does not move while you practice.
There are different sizes of mats too with some smaller ones designed for use especially by children. They come in a whole rainbow of colours, not the normal rainbow you see outside with seven colours, but the rainbow you see in a colour picker in computer software such as paint, with about sixty four million colours.
If it can be printed, then you could have it on your mat.
There are also “trainer” mats available which are a great idea. On the mat are printed pictures of certain yoga poses and postures which you can clearly see and learn, while you are practicing. 
This concept is taken further with “pregnancy mats” which have prints of yoga poses that are especially for pregnant ladies to practice while pregnant and which all the postures are specifically aimed at reducing the uncomfortable symptoms that women  feel during pregnancy, such as back pain and constipation, and also to promote circulation. These make great gift ideas for pregnant women, and even their partners.
Armed with a little extra bit of yoga mat knowledge, you can now get on with the task of choosing the perfect one for you. Make sure that you check all the product specifications before you buy anything.
The materials ability to stay put when you practice is important, as is the feel of the material when you are on it. Make sure the size is right for you or whoever you are buying it for. Lots of mats are also ECO FRIENDLY and make an excellent buy for everyone.

Elizabeth Pennington has practiced yoga for more than fifteen years and she is now writing articles for her new website. Find out more information about Mats for Yoga, yoga poses for beginners,power yoga and more at Yoga Body and Mind

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