From the French markets of Quebec to the beautiful and wild seas of Nova Scotia, discover the right clothing types you should consider carrying along for a road trip to Canada. It is a fact that Canada is a land of pure beauty – the kind of beauty that has the charm to attract thousands of visitors every year. The expansiveness of the land guarantees that you will be treated to virtually every kind of natural beauty, including the most gracious waterfalls in the world, beautiful parks, vibrant wildlife, and awesome mountain ranges and of course, the warm and welcoming Canadian people.

Another subtle attraction to the country is that their borders are not difficult to cross. The visa application process is simple and fair, and if you are from visa-exempt countries, all you need to do is fill up the Canada ETA form and you will have no troubles with the immigration. With that said, if you are planning a road trip to Canada, here are our recommendation on the top clothing you should consider carrying along. 

A swimsuit

Clothing Essentials for Road Trips in Canada 1

Canada is a fairly cold country and you may be wondering why a swimsuit would be recommended for a road trip. Well, what you need to know is that most road trips are usually during the hot summer months, and just like winters which may sometimes be very unforgiving in Canada, summers in Canada can also be very hot, and if your road trip will be taking you anywhere near the coasts or close to any swimmable water bodies, then you have every reason to carry a swimsuit. If you want the best spots to have cold and refreshing dips during the sweltering summer heat, Nova Scotia and British Columbia will treat you to some nice spots where you can make good use of your bikini.


Sandals are great for having when you are strolling the beaches or when you are in the car. If you have been on any road trip before, you know how it can be tiring and uncomfortable to spend hours upon hours with a closed pair of shoes in Canada. You need sandals for their convenience and comfort and it is recommended that you go for flip-flops fitted with thin straps. They are light, strong and versatile enough to take care of your road trip sandal needs.

A large purse for ladies

Clothing Essentials for Road Trips in Canada 1

When going for a road trip, you will be going through several cities and towns and it is only natural that you make stops to stretch, grab a bite and probably shop for a few items. This may not be a huge concern for men, but ladies on road trips will usually want to buy a variety of items to carry back home after the road trip. Most of these items will be obtained from the outdoor markets you will come across and a great purse would be the best place to place all kinds of souvenirs you may wish to purchase.

Remember, this purse should be designated for such kind of shopping alone and you shouldn’t use it for your other items like cards, money and the normal items you would have in a purse. Otherwise, you can easily get disorganized and you may not realize when or where you lost your money and other vital personal items.

Warm Clothes

Clothing Essentials for Road Trips in Canada

As noted earlier, most road trips in Canada are during summer, but the fact that it is a generally hot season doesn’t mean that you should leave all your warm clothes behind. The day temperatures may be very high, but come night, the temperatures can become very low and if you don’t have any warm clothing, you are sure to have very long nights during the road trips.

This is especially true if you are headed towards the mountain ranges. Even during summer, the night temperatures in such places may get to subzero before the morning sun pierces through the skies. Therefore, be prepared with a couple of warm clothes, not the ones you would normally use during winter, but just a decent collection to keep you warm at night.

Lighter clothing

Clothing Essentials for Road Trips in Canada 1

This is of fundamental importance if you want to have the most of your road trip. The sun is up in the sky, the temperature is rising and all you need is to enjoy the heat of the day. This calls for you to have warm clothes such as short sleeve flowy shirts and a pair of short jeans to make it comfortable for you when you are out of the car.

Fitness underwear

Though you may like cotton underwear for your day to day use, if you are planning on going on a road trip, your best bet should be with the fitness underwear. This is because they have certain benefits you won’t find with cotton underwear and they will give you the flexibility you need to stay comfortable while on the road. For example, they dry quickly, and this means that you can wash them in the evening where you will be resting for the night, and come morning, they will be dry and ready for use. In this manner, you won’t have to pack a lot of them, allowing you to travel light and have lots of free space around.

A comfortable beanie

It is common for winds to pick up in summer and sometimes they can be a little bit of a bother in your face when you are enjoying your outdoor activities. You could be exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta when they suddenly pick up and the best way to ensure you still enjoy the experience is to arm yourself against the wind. The right clothing for this duty is a beanie. Carry one or two of them just in case you may need them. They may also become handy at night when the temperature drops and you want to go out to explore further, probably a night out or just to find somewhere to eat.



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