Coco Chanel’s fashion confronts two purposes – comfort and love. And if both of these goals were achieved, it is beauty. Proof of this can serve as a tweed suit created by Coco in 1955. This costume is suitable for women of all ages and all occasions. This is a suit out of fashion . It is worn royalty yesterdays schoolgirls, business ladies and school teachers. Coco felt that suit women should be moving and alive, as his owner. Tweed suit by Coco recognizable, it can not be confused with the works of other designers. Its main features – a unique structure of tissue, its mobility, metal buttons, edges. If Coco was criticized in the monotony of her tweed suits, she replied that her costumes are the same as all women are alike.

Not everyone knows that Coco Chanel liked the color red. She believed that if his lot in our blood, it should show the outside. In order to cure the blues, Koko advised to dress up in a red suit or dress. Red – the color of their own self-love. Do not ignore this color nakraste at least lip bright red lipstick.

Even today, the perfume “Chanel number 5” – this perfume of all time. Koko has created women’s perfume, which smells like a woman. For the first time in these perfumes have been used wood flavors. While spirits poured into vials artsy form. Coco Schnell for their spirits has developed a very neat bottle. Parallelepiped of crystal with a white label that displays black letters «Chanel». That’s it! But it made a real revolution.

The best complement to a suit by Coco Chanel felt hat. “The hat you appear to people in a different light” – does this legendary woman. And this is difficult to argue.

Clothing styleof Coco Chanel – it is not all that is left behind this wonderful woman. She created an entire philosophy of life. She urged women to treat their beauty, as a component of success. Coco said that the higher a woman’s age, the more beautiful it should be. At the age of twenty the beauty of nature gives us. In thirty years, the woman’s face sculpts life. At fifty, the woman deserves a beautiful person. Chanel urged women not young. Alas, no one in fifty young. But a large number of fifty women who take care of themselves, seem far more attractive than groomed young girls.

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