When you go to dress for an outing during the winter months, be sure to use common sense alongside your fashion sense. After all, a fashionable outfit only looks good if you’re comfortable wearing it. Not only that, but there are safety considerations to make when dressing for colder months, and short sleeves are usually a short path to getting sick when it’s chilly outside. Instead, use the tips below to make sure your outfits are fashionable and sensible, as well.

Wear Sleeves

This is the cardinal rule of winter clothing, and while it might not always be easy to find clothing with long sleeves that looks attractive, designers are catching on. For the longest time, women were forced to resort to cardigans in order to see any relief from the chill of winter. But now, particularly this season, there are many options available that will keep you warm and in style, as well. The fluffy jumper, for one, is a trend that is wildly popular. You can find fluffy jumpers in literally any colour, style, or pattern, and pair them with your favourite tights and skirt, or with boyfriend jeans and heels. The look you choose is completely up to you, but layering these warm and lovely items with t-shirts beneath or a jacket over them can help you make a real impression without freezing.

Flat Boots

Another great item you should always have in your wardrobe for winter is a flat boot. Whether it’s an Ugg boot, a rain boot, or just a nice black boot with a flat base, it’s a great item to have so that you can stay fashionable without breaking your back slipping on a rainy sidewalk. Not only can flat boots be found in a wide variety of styles, but there are colours that will match virtually any wardrobe. Whether you prefer a preppy look with bubblegum colours, or a dressed-down look with neutral tones and classic black, there are boots that will suit you style and keep you safe on the slippery streets.


Leopard is pervasive in almost every area of fashion now. Where once it was more of a vampy trend that had been relegated to the backs of closets, it’s now worn in almost every combination you can imagine. In fact, many fashion bloggers claim that leopard is more of a neutral than a colour or a pattern nowadays, so if you love your leopard, bring it out. It’s a great trend for winter, but it can be worn throughout the year, as well. Also, since many jackets are made in leopard print, you can stay warm while sporting this great fashion trend.

Black Trousers

Black trousers are warm and they always look nice, but they’re rather in style at the moment, as well. Being able to stay warm while staying in style isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but pairing black trousers with a fluffy jumper and heels can make for a warm and fashionable outfit that can be worn virtually anywhere. While many women wear black dress trousers to the office, the trend can be worn anywhere if done correctly. Find ways to mix and match your black trousers with other items that are warm and fashionable, and you’ll find you have many options for outfit pairings.

Fluffy Jumpers

Fluffy jumpers and onesies are also great trends that can help you stay warm and fashionable, as well. The fluffy jumper is very much in style, and there are colour and style options no matter what your preference or outfit. You can easily pair a fluffy jumper with tights, a skirt, and heels, or you can opt to wear a onesie alone with tights and heels. Either way, you can keep warm and fashionable. Combine colour trends of the season, like light pink, with fashions that will help keep you warm, like the fluffy jumper or long-sleeved sweater dresses.

Staying fashionable during the winter months doesn’t mean having to compromise your warmth and health. Instead, choose one of the fashionable trends above so you can turn heads with your fashion and turn up the warmth with your choice, as well. Infuse your own personal style with the season’s latest trends, and you’ll be well on your way to a fashionable and functional winter wardrobe.

Megan Barnes is a fashion guru. She enjoys writing about practical ways to stay in style.

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