The snow is melting and summertime is on its way, which means you can stop hiding your hair under a winter hat every time you go out. Instead, you can think about some cool ways to do your hair this summer. Whether you want to celebrate the end of the school year with a new look or create a new you for your vacation pictures, you should consider one of these unique and trendsetting styles to set you apart when the temperatures get hot.

1. Mermaid

One of the hottest summertime looks for girls, this style lets your hair flow in waves down your back, with a little braiding around the top and sides. The braids add definition and elegance to the long hair cascading down your back. You’ll look like a mermaid sitting at the beach in this one!

Cool Ways To Do Your Hair This Summer

2. Bohemian Braid

This style also combines a “down” hairstyle with braids, but there’s a little less effort involved in this one. You don’t have to worry about getting soft waves, just let your hair air dry naturally. Create two braids on each side of your head and wrap them around your head to join together at the back, giving you a braided crown look. It’s casual and easy to do no matter how long your hair is.

3. Dreadlocks

If you’re looking for a really unique look you won’t have to fuss with every day, consider getting dreadlocks. Natural dreadlocks are a cool and original style that not a lot of girls have the confidence to try — but they definitely set the vibe for a breezy summer vacation.

Cool Ways To Do Your Hair This Summer

4. Shaggy and Short

If you know you want a no-fuss hairstyle to start off the summer but dreadlocks aren’t your thing, you can always just chop your long hair off. It’s a perfect solution for keeping your hair off your neck and shoulders in the hot sun, and a shaggy do looks cute on just about anyone. Just think of all the time you’ll save styling your hair before you go out!

5. Faux Bob

This is an easy method to tuck that extra hair out of your way without chopping it off. Simply make a loose ponytail and roll it up underneath itself, down at the base of your neck. Bobby-pin it in place to get it to stay. It looks great and will keep you cool out in the hot summer sun.

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