The coast of light, also called the Costa de la Luz, is an amazing city palced on the western coast line of Andalusia. It represents a great tourist location, featuring attractive and wonderful beaches that offer quite a lot of services to its visitors. The majority of tourists that visit the beach of Costa de la Luz practice wind surfing. This activity is very suited in this part of the world thanks to the wind off the Atlantic Ocean. Basically, it is the ideal place to practice this sport.

The coast line of Costa de la Luz is split into two important areas. The first one is the Costa de la Luz from the Cadiz Province and the other one is Costa de la Luz from Huelva Province. The first area, Costa de la Luz from the Cadiz Province, stretches between the River Guadalquivir and the Mediterranean Sea, while the second area, Costa de la Luz from Huelva Province, stretches between the Parque Donada area and the River Guadalquivir, near the border with Portugal.

One of the most interesting and attractive places to visit in Costa de la Luz is the Facinas Road, also called the Calle Facinas. The Facinas road is an old road, built by the Romans. It passes through the Natural Park of the Alcornocales, also called the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, an amazing and impressive park that offers breathtaking views to its visitors. It is the ideal place to visit and relax; just go there and forget about all your worries. This road also features some interesting Roman ruins, perfect for the history enthusiast and for the peace seeker.

If you are more of a beach person then Costa de la Luz is the place for you. The beach features numerous small beach areas in wich you can spend your time just as you wish. One of the more amazing places is the Bolonia Beach, or Playa de Bolonia. The Playa de Bolonia offers its visitor the nice, high quality, white sand and clear water. It is an amazing beach, a place where the tourist can enjoy quality time swimming, bathing and looking at the wonderful landscape.

While you are in the Costa de la Luz, you could also go to the Jimena International Music Festival. This is a music festival that is organised once a year, in July. It features spectators and musicians from around the world, thus offering a wide range of musical styles.

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