The average woman loves to shop. In a survey of high school girls, one of the most enjoyable hobbies for teenagers is shopping. And as girls become women, this hobby only evolves congruent to women’s more discerning tastes. You don’t have to be a fashion retailer to benefit from knowing some details about the more popular high end fashion labels that make women spring for their credit cards. Just a basic awareness of some of her favorite brands can go a long way. Also, it would not hurt having a few well-fitting designer pieces here and there to set you apart from the average guy. So whether it’s for gifting or otherwise, here’s a quick crash course on the most popular fashion names today.  

Christian Dior is a company owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton. John Galliano is the main designer for the Christian Dior line, and the line has a very bold modern style. Dior is also known for its fragrances. Fendi and Donna Karan, also subsidiaries of Louis Vuitton are popular for their handbags and sunglasses. Donna Karan is a bit more affordable and caters to the wardrobe needs of the city girl. Fendi’s designer Karl Lagerfeld has been handpicked to develop the fashion line to gun for competitor Gucci run by designer Tom Ford. The Louis Vuitton line itself has its roots catering to the wealthy jet setter, with its signature suitcases. Of course, nowadays, its handbags are so popular that sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether it’s real or a replica. Marc Jacobs is the famous American designer for Louis Vuitton.

Giorgio Armani has simple designs that are sophisticated and classical. The brand also comes in the more casual Armani Exchange. You can also find Armani sunglasses, glasses, watches, and shoes. The line is also great for men, and a couple of signature shirts and sunglasses by Armani will add an element of sophistication to your closet. Other brands include Dolce & Gabbana of which its edgy designs are a favorite with women who love to show off what they got a bit more. Prada is very well known for its flowing dresses and beautiful shoes. Versace has a very sexy line for both men and women, and is run by Donnatella Versace. Versace also has an exquisite seasonal sunglasses collection. Vera Wang is very popular for its wedding gowns, and Jimmy Choo is known the world over for its shoes. 




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