Designer handbags originated in the modern form in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as travel became more common. With women going out of their homes more often, they needed something that can catch others’ attention. With women getting more financially independent, the sales of these bags grew.

In fact, in the beginning of the 20th century, handbags were often seen as sexual items and ‘old bags’ referred to a woman who is past her prime. Today, handbags symbolize style and class. Let’s take the example of Louis Vuitton handbags.

Designer bags have become one of the biggest income generators in the fashion industry. With every woman trying to get hold of at least one designer handbag for her closet, the sales of designer handbags has rocketed sky-high. Carrying a designer handbag that matches your outfit, is considered chic and luxurious, hence the craze to own one.

Sales in the 20th century

Reports in 2006 indicated that sales of handbags were growing at twice the rate of sales of clothes. However, that’s a recent statistic. 20th century statistics were hard to come by and it was only in the late 1990’s that we began to have a statistic for everything. Initially, these bags were made only for the rich at the beginning of the 20th century but the prices were lowered during the late 20th century and even middle class women could buy one. Today though, the price is on the rise again.

The more expensive the bag, the more prestigious it becomes to own it. Bags from leading companies like Prada, Hermes and Louis Vuitton are a few examples of the popular brands today.

A designer handbag may mean different things to different people. For one it may be the best thing they have ever owned to date, for another it may mean keeping up with the Joneses. However, the common notion that motivates all is the respect a designer handbag demands which also permeates to you as its owner.

Why is the price high?

The high cost of the designer bag is primarily due to the quality of materials used and the laborious work of making each part of the bag by hand. A lot of attention goes into the making of the bag. Starting from the material to zippers to clasps, each part is fitted with utmost care. In most of the designer houses it takes hours to make a single bag. This is why there are always a limited number of items available for sale. Designers can afford to make such use of time and money to make these products because people are willing to pay for their exclusivity. This exclusivity is the driving reason behind all sales of designer bags.

Buy what you love

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