Back pain is a common problem that affects almost all people from all walks of life. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, over use or under use of the back, and postural mistakes are found to be the significant causes of back pain. There is no possible cure for this condition except exercises and natural therapies such as holistic practices.  Holistic health practices are found to be quite effective for natural back pain relief, as they have been practiced from time immemorial. An important advantage of holistic practices is that it has no possible side effects.


Holistic health is a concept that considers people’ social, physical and psychological aspects to be the contributing factor for illnesses. Hence, these factors are taken into account before prescribing a treatment. The Holistic physicians see a deep-rooted connection and relationship between mind, body and spirit. They believe that there exist a direct relationship between environment and good health and therefore illnesses are determined by how people choose to live in that environment.


Yoga, a holistic health practice, is one of the safest and effective methods not only to alleviate back relief but also to prevent its recurrence. Yoga helps to


1. stretch and strengthen different muscles groups

2. improve blood circulation

3. maintain right posture and movement

4. maintain the natural curvature of the spinal cord


The following are some of the different yoga asanas to relieve back pain.


1. The Corpse Pose or Shavasana

This asana helps to release stress and ease pain from the back muscles. The body gets complete rest and you would feel recharged and revitalized. This asana is also known as the relaxation posture as it refreshes both body and mind.


2. The Fish Pose or Matsyasana

This is a supine pose (done lying down) that gives a backward stretch to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. This is an excellent stretch for the upper body since it opens the lungs, heart, back and abdomen. Fish pose can be done perfectly only through practice. However, with the help of a  back pain relief product the benefits of the Matsyasana can be easily attained.


3. Tad Asana

This asana stretches and strengthens the spinal cord and helps to release tension from the arms, shoulders and neck muscles.


4. The Locust or Shalabhasana

This asana resembles a feeding locust with head lowered and tail up and hence the name the Locust asana.  This asana helps to strengthen lower back muscles.


However, it is highly necessary to consult a certified and expert yoga practitioner before performing any kind of asanas.


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