Figure-flattering, loose or tight fitting dresses which are easy to wear are some of the hottest cuts for the summer of 2010. They are see neutral shades in this summer, with the fresh candy color palette just like the 80s but with more depth. You can see some of the hottest trends in the fashion runway for the summer of 2010 below. You can be in any fashion statement or whatever body size you are in, you will be pleased because veryone can be fashionable regardless of age, size or generation.


The following are fabulous this year:


• SKIRTS – Skirts that are in this summer for 2010 are of different lengths and sizes. They are mostly shorter than the usual skirts people wear the rest of the year.


• SHORTS – Shorts had their fame since last year and this fame is still here to stay. Sizes and lengths go from very short to thigh-high, in leopard prints or pin-stripes and from sporty to elegant in design and look.


• DRESSES – The silhouette effect does not lose its fame during summer. A playful, romantic or futuristic design for females is good for summer 2010.


• SHOES – Choosing the proper shoes for the right season is also important. You would not want to wear a boots when going to the beach. Wearing heels during summer is okay. High Heels are great to pair with shorts which give you that sexy and feminine look. Clogs, platforms and pumps give women wearing gowns that down-to-earth look.


• JEWELRY – Necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets should be used with caution. You should try to find jewelry that best fits your outfit. Another thing to take note is, as much as possible, try to avoid wearing expensive jewelry when going to beach. Chances are, you might lose them or someone might snatch or steal them from you.


• TEE SHIRTS – Last season, white tee shirts were the craze and they are still great this year. Whole white outfits are in today. For example, a wear white tee shirt paired with white shorts and white shoes or sandals will still look fabulous.


• JACKETS AND BLAZERS – Jackets and blazers are also great to wear this summer for fashion, but wearing them would make you feel uncomfortable because of the warm weather.


Of course, no outfit can look fabulous without accessories. If you just love putting on those fashion thingies to go with your outfits, buy from one of those fashion accessories wholesalers who can give you a wide range of the latest, hottest and the most high-end accessories to add charm to your getup. When you buy wholesale, you’ll be buying in bulk which means you can even open your own retail business. Wholesale trend jewelry can be a very promising business prospect if you know how to play your cards right.

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