Even the most devout of DIY enthusiasts would probably baulk at the thought of getting their kids involved in DIY, but it doesn’t have to be as dangerous as it sounds.  When you think of DIY and kids, you probably think of paint spills, super-glued extremities, and trips to A&E because something got drilled through or severed by a power-saw, and those are all genuine possibilities if you let your kids loose with power tools and toxic materials, but there are plenty of safe and fun tasks that the whole family can enjoy. Let’s take a look at a few great DIY jobs that you can tackle during the holidays:


Most kids love drawing and painting, and if you give them the chance to get involved with re-designing the kitchen, bathroom or living room, you might be surprised what they come up with. If you take their ideas on board, and use some of them when you redecorate, they’ll be proud of their work, and hopefully enjoy helping you bring their ideas to fruition.


If you’re re-painting an empty room, or sprucing up the shed, garden fence, or the outside of the house, why not let your kids don some old clothes, grab a big brush, and go wild?  It’s hard to mess up painting with a roller, and if you’re doing more than one coat, you can always cover up anything that does go wrong.

Taking Things Down

Stripping wallpaper, light demolition work, or chopping things up is a lot of fun, especially for older kids.  Kids spend most of their lives being told off for breaking things, so they’ll relish the opportunity to take a hammer to some plasterboard, or rip bits of wood off a fence.  Of course, this is only suitable for older children, and they’ll need to be wearing the right safety gear, but with supervision it’s a chance for them to let their hair down, have some fun smashing things up, and learn about what goes into making a house at the same time.

Light Carpentry

While you wouldn’t want to let a child loose with power tools, there’s no reason that a mature, sensible child can’t use a hand saw, a hammer, and some nails.  Why not let your child try their hand at making a bird feeder, a jewellery box, or a table for their room?  They can learn basic building skills, and perhaps some simple math in the form of measuring out the wood and working to a design.


If the weather is good enough, why not let your kids take over a small section of the garden.  You can teach them about the different plants that grow in your area, help them plant some seeds, and watch them grow.  If your garden is big enough, you could even have them grow some simple, hardy vegetables, and then harvest them and cook up a meal for the entire family.  If you don’t have a proper garden, you can always grow some herbs indoors instead.

Guest post from Amy for online tool distributors, Tool Orders. Read more from Tool Orders here.


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