Girl are always love the fashionable things, and their pursuit for them is persistent, they always spend lots of time on buy different kinds of clothing, shoes, hats, and of course, handbags. I think my girl friend is one of them.
My girlfriend and I are from the same college, and she graduated this year, after that, she decided to find a job, then we searched for that, in one of the interview, she found that the other girls were wearing formal clothing, and their handbags are so cute, she was wandering about that, and then she asked me to buy another beautiful handbag with her.
Then in a Sunday we got out to buy her handbags, we walked around the city, almost every handbag store we knew was visited by us, but I dont know why she didnt like any one of them, buy very exhausted, so we had to go home, depressed.
The next day, I decided to buy my girlfriend a handbag on line, it is said that the price is low and it is very convenient, too. First I asked my friends who often bought stuff online and I thought they should know many of that, really they give some of that, then I found they all often went the same store, then I went to that, then I found it is not just a handbag store, but it is a Juicy Couture brand store, except handbags, it also has clothing, sunglasses, watches, necklaces and other accessories, which girls are very fond of. Then I look through all the handbags of the site, I found nearly all the products are on sale and also the handbags are very good and fashionable, in the end, I picked up a handbag for my girlfriend, the picture is below.
Only a few days later, the handbag came. When my girlfriend checked it out, she was very happy and then praised me, and then, she found a very good job, of course, with the beautiful handbag.

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Juicy Couture handbag

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