The pinch or prong training collaris perhaps the most misunderstood dog training tool on the market. In this review I will touch on two different aspects of the pinch collar:

1- Its benefits in training
2- My review of the best pinch or prong collar on the market.

Why the pinch collar is actually one of the most humane dog training tools on the market-

Whenever I state something like this I am invariably met with incredulity and often times hatred. I stand by my statement, though. The pinch collar is one of the most humane dog training tools on the market. Admittedly, it looks like a torture device. So how can it be a humane tool?

The answer lies in proper dog training methods. Whenever you are training a dog your efforts will only be as successful as your ability to form positive associations with desired and acceptable behavior AND negative associations with behaviors you wish to get rid of. In order to form positive associations with ‘good’ behaviors that requires motivational training methods such as praise, toys, and treats. In order to form negative associations with ‘bad’ behaviors that requires corrections such as leash corrections, e-collar corrections, spray bottles, or the withholding of treats or praise.

Therein lies the reason why the prong collar is a very humane tool. When it is appropriate to give a leash correction the pinch collar allows you to use the least amount of force yet get the greatest level of control. Its design leverages any tug you give on the leash so that you are able to give a very light correction and yet have it be meaningful and capable of teaching and training your dog. Anytime that I can reduce the amount of force I use with my dog, I’m all for it.

The Herm Sprenger pinch collar is the ONLY prong collar you should use-

As with many dog training products there is one brand of pinch collar that stands for timeless quality. The Herm Sprenger pinch collar is, in my opinion, the only pinch collar that you should ever use. The Herm Sprenger company is an old time German company that is steeped with tradition. They have been providing their quality collars for generations.

I have been using the Herm Sprenger pinch collar for about thirteen years and I have yet to have one break or fall apart. That is not always the case with other prong collars that I have seen clients use in the past. Other collars bend, they break, and they are made of a grade of metal that is very rigid

Use the Herm Sprenger pinch collar and you will have a collar that will last you a long time. To purchase one for yourself, visit this page [].

Ty Brown is a leading dog training authority with numerous radio and television appearances to his credit. Visit to view free articles and for more puppy resources and check out his dog training business.

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