The scope and potentiality of computer and IT industry is immense and cannot be ignored as the industry is extremely vital and critical in the overall growth, success and expansion of a specific country. India is considered to be the market leader in computer and IT industry without any hesitation. Indian computer software and IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam are a force to reckon with all over the world. The pool of extremely talented, adept and experienced English speaking work force is the single biggest advantage of India which the country is utilizing to its full potential. The Microsoft .Net stage playing a very substantial responsibility in the way the overall computer applications are created to be used effectively on the internet. .Net Applications which are used on the internet or in the computer significantly augments the interoperability of computer systems, programs and other devices in the most efficient manner without ay errors.

.Net Applications which are used by several businesses in order to acquire meaningful data and information from their customers, suppliers and other partners in the most effective and error freeway enhances the overall working mechanisms of a particular company with improved productivity and efficiency. .Net Applications design can assist the companies to greatly influence the software assets that might already have. They can also add new and the most contemporary computer softwares at anytime thereby making the overall working scenario very productive, effective and error free. .Net Applications can also be used to decrease application intricacy and the associated operating costs that may be involved in creating and preserving the computer software. Currently, India is considered to be the market leader in any type of computer software or outsourcing of IT related work without any doubt.

A vast majority of computer software or IT related work is immediately outsourced to India to world renowned IT companies like TCS, Mahindra Satyam, Wipro, Infosys and many other well admired companies. .Net Applications is another area where the whole world looks up to India to deliver really productive, effective and world class .Net Applications or any other related computer software and IT product. The biggest factor as to why companies all over the world outsource their computer software or IT related work to India is the saving of precious time, energy and massive amount of money which they would have been spending in their own country. At the other hand the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and durability of work given by India is really commendable and is of world class without any shortcomings.

The trend is that more and more companies are willing to outsource their work to India with more eagerness. The situation is that India may not be able to maintain adequate supply with respect to the demand of work given. However, India has a vast pool of highly experienced, skilled and adept English speaking workforce that has the adequate expertise to complete all the desired work with utmost ease and professionalism.

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