Now that the summers are drawing to a closure, and the mercury readings have started dipping, it is time to take a step back and plan well ahead, so that winters do not freeze the fashion cells inside your body and mind. International apparel brands are already excited about the whopping new range of winter clothing about to hit the shopping centers this winter, and it is time you braced up for them as well. This article takes you through a fashion ride, surfacing out some terrific winter ladies dress wardrobe choices for you, so that you can plan your shopping and mark out items in red ink on your winter shopping list.
Short dresses teamed up with long coats – This style mantra is guaranteed to make heads turn as you walk out in the evenings. Of course, this style is only valid for the first few weeks, before the real chill overtakes the air. Wear dark and long stockings to cover your legs, and ensure that they go well beneath the short dress, to give you clothing continuity. Then, leave that long coat unbuttoned, and be ready to dazzle the crowds.


Long boots to beat the chill with loads of thrill – You are already running a few years behind the fashion train if your footwear attic doesn’t yet have a pair of furry long boots. You only need to switch your fashion channel on to notice how models flaunt their denims with furry long boots, and create that absolutely killer look that’s guaranteed to make people stop and take note.


Leopard prints with bomber jackets for that confident look – If you’ve been thinking that animal prints are out of fashion, then you’ve been sadly mistaken. Grab a leopard print top, and create stark contrasts using a dark colored bomber jacket over it. Leave the front of the jacket open, and leave the rest to the leopard print. Milanoo is the perfect apparel shopping destination for you, if you wish to have the best collection of winter clothes at your disposal.


All the fashion tips discussed above are specifically tuned for the winter seasons, and ensure that you stay warm in terms of your body temperature, and hot in terms of how your friends and admired term you fashionably.
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