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It gets trickier to eat healthy food and manage optimum fitness when you are on a budget. A balanced diet demands fresh, minerals and protein-rich items in the busy professional life. Well known medical researchers and health writers at Writers Per Hour have come up with the following tips to maintain your health when you are living on a strict budget.

Eating on budget-How to maintain your health?

Procure fresh items and freeze them!

This is one tip that can get you access to fresh and healthy produce at all times of the year. All you have to do is buy the healthy seasonal food items and freeze the stock! Yes, it is that simple. And we are talking about significant savings here as well. For example, you can buy dozens of corn ears during the winters before the prices shoot-up. Following this tip can help you stock-up healthy items for the days to come!

Eat less expensive cuts of meat.

Meat comes with a rich supply of protein, vitamins and other health-boosting minerals. If you are on a tight budget, you can still consume meat, i.e., chicken, mutton, turkey, etc. Just go for the less expensive meat-cuts. For example, you can opt for the chicken-drumsticks rather than the chicken breasts. Or, you can also go for the ‘tougher’ cuts of the lamb and work your way through a tight budget.

Include whole grains in your diet.

Who says eating healthy has to be expensive? You can include the inexpensive whole grains and beans in your daily diet! Items like brown rice, quinoa, black beans, etc. are wholesome in themselves. Moreover, they can be used to bulk up the servings. For example, you can use black beans with chicken patties to make filling burgers. Beans and whole grains come with their health package and are known to power pack a punch of minerals and vitamins.

Make a food time-table.

It would surprise you if you knew the power of advanced food planning. And we mean planning the menu way in advance. People spend more to buy daily exhaustible food items because the menu was not planned. For example, you can prepare a vivid menu for yourself and the family weekly or even seasonally! This will not only allow you to manage and forecast kitchen inventory expenses but also allow for a varied taste every day. Use the power of smart planning to manage your eating habits and keep sailing smoothly through a budget.

Explore various culinary styles!

Ever thought of changing your food habits regarding cuisine preferences? Why not? Exploring and trying various other cuisine styles can not only spice up your taste but also allow you to eat healthy on a budget! For example, Indian and Thai food usually employs inexpensive items like beans, rice, and herbs. Try preparing a menu for the cuisine style you prefer and eat exotic on a tight budget!

Stick to the above tips and stay healthy within the financial limits. Happy eating till then!


Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.


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