‘Eating Light’ for Beautiful Skin

You probably already know that fruits and veggies contain a host of vitamins and minerals that can keep your skin looking beautiful, but they contain another ‘secret ingredient’: one that helps your skins’ basic building block (collagen) perform its important work: that of transmitting information that is vital for the beauty of skin. This ‘secret’ is light or ‘biophoton energy’: it is emitted and received by all living things. It cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it can be measured. By eating right and ensuring our cells have as much light energy as possible, we can keep skin smooth and taut, without needing to rely heavily on expensive products.

What are Biophotons?

Biophotons are emissions of light that are stored in our cells. Their intensity and ordered structure within cells can start or stop important reactions in skin cells, including repair of damage caused by pollution, a poor diet, and other causes of tired, wrinkled skin. In an interesting experiment carried out in the 1980s, German scientists put a barrier between cells and noticed that they began emitting light in unordered patterns. When they removed the barrier, the cells began emitting light in perfect harmony. This synergy is important to human health and to the beauty of our skin.

How Can You Achieve this Healthy Synergy?

All we need to do to ensure our cells light up with biophoton energy is consume a healthy Mediterranean style diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you are busy and don’t get to prepare homemade meals as much as you’d like to, make savings on luxury buys so you can ‘splurge’ on at least the most crucial fruits and veggies. Try to include raw fruits and veggies in your daily meals, since foods in a fresh, raw state contain the highest levels of ‘light energy’. 

The Quality of What You Eat Matters

Consume quality, organic produce, steering clear of ‘dirty dozen’ fruits and vegetables. Science has showed that organic fruits and veggies have higher levels of antioxidants, which ‘scavenge’ the free radicals that cause your skin to lose its smoothness, firmness, and luminosity. If you are fascinated with light energy, ask a beauty expert or dermatologist about treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. This therapy stimulates collagen production, reduces skin redness, and even helps control acne.

‘You are what you eat’ is something that scientists have been telling us for decades, as much for our health as for our skin. Raw, organic vegetables can help boost our cell’s light energy, enabling skin cells to perform all the functions required for our skin to look and feel smooth and wrinkle-free. Making time for a healthy diet is key if we are to approach beauty from a uniquely powerful standpoint: one that begins from within.

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