Fashion designer Eleanor Amoroso creates innovative knits using long fringe and old macramé techniques. Her unique creative process includes stitching each of her pieces by hand, and her resulting products are hauntingly beautiful. Similar to my own company, Amoroso enjoys showing her love for the traditional and handmade over the mass-produced.

While studying womenswear at the University of Westminster, the London based designer taught herself macramé. Since then, she has modernized the ancient technique. Just months after graduating in 2011, her hand-knotted work was featured on the cover of Volt Magazine. For several seasons, she has shown at London Fashion Week. Internationally, she has shown at Milan Fashion Week, Modefabriek tradeshow in Amsterdam, and Runway Malta.

After attracting attention with her handcrafted SS11 Graduate Collection, Amoroso launched her own label. Each season, Amoroso releases a womenswear and accessory line that she personally hand-knits and hand-knots. While the pieces are elegant and intricate, some of her garments have a haunting affect. The dark knits she uses make her cascading fringe pieces seem tough and sophisticated. Even though her designs are intricate, her color choice is minimalistic. Using only black and white, she transforms macramé and fringe into complex designs.

For her SS11 Graduate Collection, Amoroso set out to create a modern collection inspired by a tough African warrior attitude. She carefully chose different lengths of fringe and hand-knotted each individual piece with care. The result was varying lengths of fringe knotted in various ways to create garments that were interesting, unique, and incredibly complex. Scarves and necklaces hand-knotted by Amoroso were also featured in the collection. She seamlessly blended her accessories with her pieces, showing the levels of intricacy present in each outfit.

Amoroso’s signature design aesthetic was evident in her next collection; her AW11 line. Her unique macramé skills lent to the complexity of her pieces while causing them to remain both elegant and dark. Along with fringe, she added metal clasps and piping to create a tough feel surrounding her garments. The chains balanced out the fringe; guaranteeing the presence of a darker element and a free-spirited one in the clothing.

Season after season, Amoroso continues to impress with her innovative clothing. She uses her individual and new design techniques to create interesting pieces that stand out on the runway. The love she pours into her craft is evident, and I greatly admire her transformation of traditional macramé in order to create her unique knitwear.

Virginia Arrisueño is the owner and designer of DeNada Design. She seeks to blend contemporary styles with ethnic elements to offer stylish yet high-quality merchandise on Want to read more about fiber artists like Virginia and Amoroso? Visit the DeNada Blog for more articles:

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