It is said that small is beautiful. Door mat is one such thing that is apparently very small but is an important home caring article that keeps dust particles away which not only spoil your furniture but also give an untidy look to the overall maintenance of your house. The use of door mats is very old; even in ancient times people used simple old rough towels or towel like stuff to save their houses from unwanted dust or dirt. Moreover, its use speaks of your manners and the sophistication.

If your home is fully carpeted i.e. having wall to wall carpet, the need of door mats at the door step or threshold of every room is understood. Whether there are house members or a guest, it is a key to everyone to remove the shoes and clean the feet before moving ahead. There are several types of door mats available in the market. There is a wide variety of colors as well as of designs; it is totally your choice which one do you prefer. Some people prefer to use plain stuff that suits to their room’s color scheme while some people prefer thematic ones e.g. for the room which opens in the garden, they like to have printed mat with flowers while outside the wash room, any print related to water is some times liked. Children like door mats with cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Batman or Power puff girls etc. Sometimes ladies like foot shape mats while gents like the ones written with some quotation.

People who are health and hygiene conscious also keep it outside their room as they know that dust in highly injurious to lungs. Many diseases, most common of them is excessive sneezing, is sometimes the result of excessive exposure to dirt and dust particles.

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