Your left one is bigger than your right. You can’t remember the last time you found the lift you desire. The time to worry about your below neckline, but above waist, wardrobe has past, ladies. The time is nigh to let an Elle Macpherson contour bra take away the back pain and the front shame. Get dressed in confidence when you step out on the town from here on in.

Bra shopping used to be a dreaded excursion, right? It is near impossible to find the padding you need or the curbing of the curving without compromising on style, colour, fashion or functionality.

Thank supermodel Elle Macpherson for creating a range of bras that not only feel great, look stunning and do the job properly, but do all of this for an affordable price. God bless you Elle!

Before this leading lady stepped in and made a difference in the world of bras we were simply left bereft among the beige uglies, pretty uselessness and padded nightmares.

The Elle Macpherson Dentelle Contour Bra is a great example of the Elle Macpherson Intimates revolution!
The Dentelle is all about boost baby, it will give you a cleavage to be proud of and you won’t mind if someone sees your gorgeous little ribboned straps and lace frilling.

Pretty and practical all in one! And yes, you can get the lift without the ache – who would have thought function and style would go hand-in-hand – Elle Macpherson did thank goodness!

Okay I will break it down for you. You can now buy bras that are not only comfortable, pretty and practical, but they give the boost, squeeze or confidence you need too. Perfect!

Once you’ve decided upon the right contour bra to suit your needs you can even choose a pair of panties, shorties or g-string knickers to match. Who could ever possibly turn away the prospect of a matching set?!

Contour bras come in a variation of sizes and styles.

A pretty option is the Elle Macpherson Sweet Briar. Girls who need a bit of lift and some sure-fire support might take a look at the Virtuo Contour Bra. The Sheer Ribbons will offer padding, support and pretty-as-a-picture design all in one.

We can only guess it was all of those years spent as the proverbial clothes hanger that ensured Elle Macpherson knew what did and what did not work in terms of the right bra.

Be daring, clever, cheeky and sneaky with an Elle Macpherson contour bra [].

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