The “dentelle” style has its origins in the 18th century. This lacy swirl decoration was popular among designers from book binders and fashion gurus. The Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle Bras collection offers that same classic styling.

Certainly, fashion terms typically have little to do with their historical roots; marketing usually rules the description. But Elle Macpherson’s superb fashion taste has conquered all doubts this time.

The Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle Contour Bra is a fine illustration that will persuade even the most skeptical. Every part of the name reflects a truth. In one way, it’s reminiscent of undergarments from two centuries ago. Then, being well dressed underneath was as important as the final covering. A lacy look was practically mandatory in the day of your great, great, great… grandmother.

One final point to illustrate the accuracy of the name. This model actually does contour the bust. The result is a lovely fullness, one that would have crowned your ancestor a fashion duchess.

Luckily for her descendants – you – the Elle Macpherson Dentelle Contour Bra comes in a half-dozen styles to please every princess. Slide into the lovely delicate blue, overlaid with white lace on Monday to start the week out easy. On Tuesday, slip on the lavender with cream and feel your soft, sexy best. Work your way through the days so that on Friday you can don the hot pink covered in dark gray lace. Be a kitten on the first day of the week; become a tigress by the end of the work week.

You’ll have no reason to growl anytime, though. The ultra-feminine styling and pussycat-soft comfort of the Elle Macpherson Dentelle Contour ensures that. The slim, ruched straps look splendid and feel great. The 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane materials guarantee complete comfort and the styling is, in a word, classic.

There’s still the weekend to consider, of course. Time for the Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle Underwire Bra, an ideal selection to complete your lingerie wardrobe calendar. With echoes ‘only’ as old as the Victorian era, it might seem more modern than the Dentelle Contour. Not necessarily. Even in the fickle world of fashion some things are simply timeless.

The ruched straps, for example, show that certain elements persist for generations without getting old. The Elle Macpherson Dentelle Underwire Bra – as the name promises – incorporates an underwire to create full support. Yet, it’s so comfortable you’ll never know it’s there. One thing you’re sure to notice, though, is the dentelle lace. This design definitely lives up to its name.

Scalloped borders on top bottom and side help create that 19th century look. Still, the floral pattern just couldn’t be more modern. Then it’s back to the past again, courtesy of the most charming ribbon at the gore imaginable. Dare to look this sexy in Queen Victoria’s days and you might have been in for trouble from society.

That might still be true today! This line of lingerie has been known to cause a disturbance in certain settings. Make some personal history of your own. Select an Elle Macpherson Dentelle Bra from the Elle Macpherson Intimates collection.

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