The Himalayas at the top, the Aravalli Ranges in between, and Western and Eastern Ghats down South in India are home to several fabulous mountain retreats and hill resorts that make your en la India de vacaciones real fun and refreshing. The Taj Mahal, the Kerala backwaters, the beaches of Goa, and the camel safaris in the desert landscape of Rajasthan may be the icons of Indian tourism but if you happen to plan your India viajes in hot summers (from April to June), you might want to cocoon yourself at the higher altitudes with milder temperature, fresher air, and still loads of typical Indian tourism attractions – culture and historical architecture.

Ooty, nown know as Udagamandalam, is the pride of the Nilgiris with its evergreen forests and tea plantations. A toy train ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway to this stunning mountain resort of Taml Nadu offers some of the most panoramic viewpoints and a stunning breathtaking scenic beauty. Known more for being the colonial hill station, Ooty is an unexpected surprise for those who wish to take a closer look at the tribal culture of India.

Cultural India Tours and Tribal India Tours often include Ooty in their itineraries, as the home of the Todas. Nilgiris has nurtured hill tribes for centuries and a visit to a home of a Toda will offer you a better look at the tribal artefacts and customs than the museums and libraries in the region. The cattle rearing Todas have managed to preserve their ancient rituals and traditions quite well from the influence of the foreign culture and the only change one might view in them is the fact that they are now friendlier to tourists and take pride in showing off their tribal ways to interested travellers for silver.

If you are short on time and have planned to land in Delhi for your viaje India, you may take a quick tour of Rishikesh, where Beatles crashed in 1968 to seek musical salvation. The transcendental meditation taught in the Maharishi Yogi Ashram (the haunt of Beatles in the holy town) has long been a favourite of the westerners and it is no surprise that most of the tourists who come to this beautiful hill retreat in lower Himalayas (in Uttaranchal) are lured by the reputation Rishikesh has as the Yoga Capital of the World.

The sleepy town of Haridwar, another holy town on the banks of River Ganga, is the popular gateway to Rishikesh and is the nearest railway station to the town. Watch the magical scene of Ganga Aarti there, with thousands of twinkling diyas floating on the river and rhythmical chanting of hymns and mantras and then catch a bus or taxi to Rishikesh, just an hour away from here. The temples and shrines around swiftly flowing River Ganges, the swinging bridges called Rama and Lakshmana Jhula, the Rajaji National Park, and the Shivpuri adventure camps nearby to ride on the white rapids – all make Rishikesh an exciting place to be.

If you wish to see the beauty of India from atop a hilltop, try India vacations will mountain beauties and you will treasure your vacation photographs forever.

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