While there are many forms of yoga that are practiced around the world, power yoga has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent decades. Many people compare this style of yoga to Ashtanga yoga, but it varies slightly. One of the main differences between these two vigorous styles of yoga relates to the poses. In Ashtanga, students are led through a serious of poses, but there is more free form and fluidity to power yoga. The flexibility in the structure of the power yoga class means that the instructor chosen to lead the class has a considerable impact on the overall impact of the class on students. Often, students will search for an instructor whose class they enjoy, and they will continue to use the services of the instructor for health and wellness benefits. Those who are interested in pursuing a fulfilling and active career as a power yoga instructor will need to follow a power yoga instructor certification program.

Where to Find Certification Classes

A power yoga instructor certification program generally provides a graduate with the ability to obtain a job as an instructor at a wide range of gyms, fitness centers and yoga centers. Some yoga centers that offer classes to members or to the general public also offer training and certification programs for those who wish to become instructors. Often, certification programs are advertised through a studio’s website or through the center itself.

The Typical Features of a Certification Program

The majority of certification classes require the student to spend approximately 200 hours or longer in a classroom. A typical program provides students with in-depth knowledge of an expansive range of yoga terminology and poses. Students may be taught how to modify postures and breathing techniques for the benefit of individual students, how to be inspirational to students and how to structure a class for maximum benefit and enjoyment. Everything from assisting and correcting students with postures to how to demonstrate poses and observe poses is taught in the program. In addition, some programs also provide business-oriented instruction for those who wish to run their own yoga classes. Many provide perks and incentives to students, such as assistance finding a job as an instructor after graduation, free classes in the studio while they are students, refresher courses with classes after graduation and other benefits.

How to Search For a Training Program

While many features in a certification program are similar from school to school, it is important to note that there are key differences. When you are searching for a training program, you may consider taking a few classes at the school to get a feel for the ambiance in the facility and to meet the instructors personally. In addition, pay attention to course schedules, flexibility to make up classes that are missed and other details. The best facility is one that has a relaxed environment that you feel comfortable in and that is focused on making the program as beneficial for students as possible.

Many who obtain a power yoga instructor certification will work as a private instructor or will be hired to work in a yoga facility or fitness center. This is a great option to consider for those who love yoga and who are looking for a fulfilling part-time or full-time position.

Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit: http://www.yoga-teacher-training.org/

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