The hotels in Bhutan have been a suitable choice of accommodation for many tourists for the past five years. Since, the growth in tourism the hotels have been a tribute to Bhutan’s ornate architectural arts. The handmade wooden beams, designs and hand-painted walls and ceilings all add to the beauty of the luxury Bhutan hotels. The 21st century conveniences let the guests experience an original Buddhist ceremony. These accommodations are actually a combination of modern day hospitality and impeccable customer service that blends with contemporary facilities. Among the many facilities that Bhutan hotels offer, the most preferred one among the tourists is the ancient art of Yoga and Meditation. So, while touring Bhutan, you can choose to stay in one of its luxury yoga retreats. Yoga is the best exercise that keeps you physically and mentally fit. Hence, practicing yoga would always have positive effects on your life and health helping you to reap benefits for a long time.

At these 5 star hotels the visiting Yoga teachers come for daily sessions, which take place according to the requirements of the attendees. So, you can choose to book for your yoga classes during your vacation. You will feel extremely privileged to experience this opportunity and avail its benefits. The group classes are held for special requirements all round the year. This practice of meditation and yoga is intended for the arousal of the body and the mind leaving you relaxed and refreshed for the day. The teachers at the yoga hotel  specializes in mixing and nurturing the postures that enhances the entire well being of an individual. The rejuvenating breathing practices and refreshing meditation sessions can leave you absolutely relaxed and peaceful. You can also boost up your willpower and concentration level by attending the yoga classes in the accommodation property.

You can register for separate classes depending on your suitable time schedules. You can contact the hotel helpdesk for further information on the classes. With a therapy session in one of the leading yoga hotels you are sure to feel soothed and balanced that will leave your spirit relaxed.

The interior of the yoga and meditation rooms are generally designed in accordance to the philosophy of Buddhism. Being one of the leading yoga retreats, the Bhutan hotel provides a simple and serene ambience where guests can practice different facets of meditation and yoga for gaining flexibility, balance, and physical strength. The rejuvenating therapies offered by this luxury accommodation draws tourists from all across the globe. You can choose to book for Mary’s daily yoga classes when you book Bhutan’s leading yoga retreat.

No other place can be better for you and your family than Bhutan if you are looking for one of the perfect yoga retreats. Bhutan is a place for culture, heritage, green valleys, and handicraft emporiums, and monasteries and you will surely have a wonderful time if you visit this place. You can cherish your experience with your stay for lifetime if you put up at one of the leading yoga accommodations.

To book a stay in one of the leading yoga retreats in Bhutan visit The sprawling yoga hotel is spread across 10 acres of land and offers its guests modern facilities and contemporary services that make the guests have a wonderful and refreshing time.

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