Use a simple bingo game to help you plan your shining, shimmering outfits!

It’s understandable to be a little afraid to wear metallic clothing out in the day — after all, it’s a fairly eye-catching trend that’s not for the faint of heart. We have already given you tips on how to wear the trend out in the day, so readers should have no trouble pulling off the trend. If you’re feeling a bit more on the shy side, however, you could practice wearing the trend in the evening.

Metallic dresses and accessories are a staple of eveningwear, and many people opt to wear a simple, shimmering one-piece. There are, however, other ways to wear the trend, which you could explore with a game of bingo!

Playing the game is simple: as with any trend, it’s important to invest in key pieces and get one metallic item for each category: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Hats and Scarves, Jewelry. Once you’ve gathered your metallic items, pick out four other pieces that fall under these categories so that you’ll have 5 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 5 Shoes, 5 Hats and Scarves, and 5 pieces of Jewelry. has a great list of the hottest metallic items right now, so if you’re still having a hard time finding the right pieces to invest in, you can certainly consult their list.

Take photos of each of the items and arrange them into a bingo card, numbering the items from 1-5 per category. When trying to build your outfit, roll a die for each category and wear the item that corresponds with the number you rolled. This should allow you to build an outfit with either minimal metallic elements, or various metallic elements.

When you’re working with metallic clothing, it’s important to know that the trend is pretty versatile. It could work with both bright colors, as seen in Trend Hunter’s feature from Vogue Ukraine in 2007 and in the dress Beyonce is wearing in this photo posted to CheekyBingo’s Twitter page:

But the trend could also work with pale colors, and even black and white, as seen in’s writeup regarding the recently concluded Academy Awards ceremony.


Remember to experiment with different combinations, and to start small with the trend. Once you start getting a feel for what works with the trend and how far you’re willing to push it, then you can ditch the bingo card altogether and put together your own shining, shimmering, splendid outfits.

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