Since starting online marketing I have come across several behaviors of people that really started to annoy me over time. Now normally I’m a very polite, friendly person so even if what the person did annoyed me I didn’t really do anything and just put up with it quietly. Occasionally I would post something concerning what had annoyed me but I never got much of a response from that. So the time is now to stop putting up with these things and make a stand! I think Facebook etiquette is something that should be discussed because if you are doing things on social media that annoy or offend people then how exactly is this going to help your business?

Here are the top things I have come across that have bothered me the most…

#1. Being added to someone’s Facebook group without my permission.

I can tell you that each and EVERY time I go to my groups list to review it I see several groups I am apparently a member of that I didn’t authorize and after this I have to waste my valuable time un-joining myself from those groups. I can tell you for a fact that not one group I have been added to in this way have I remained a member of or will consider even looking at. I find it so refreshing when people ask first to add me so that when they do I will usually say yes and then at least give the group a look before I make my decision whether to stay or not.

#2. Being messaged by someone with their business info and link without being asked.

I get people randomly doing this to me all the time in an attempt to get business for themselves. This is a very poor marketing strategy and I can tell you without a doubt that it doesn’t work! People want to get to know you first before they ever consider joining your business or buying from you. So please, take some time to send a few messages back and forth with someone before considering sending them your link and then, when it comes up in conversation, ask them if it is OK. People join people and buy from people so you have to be personable if you expect them to look at your opportunity.

#3. Being tagged in photos that I am not in.

OK so when you check your notifications and you see that you’ve been tagged in a photo it does instantly get your attention because you’re wondering what photo you could have been in and who could have posted it. Then, you go to the photo and find out it’s some weight loss ad to promote someone’s business or pictures of someone’s jewellery or fashion business. Why do people find the need to do this? If they are already your friend isn’t it enough that they post their ads on their own walls so that we can choose whether or not to look at it in our news feed?

#4. People who over promote themselves or their business and post too frequently.

Obviously we are here on Facebook to share with everyone and some of us to promote our business but there is there a limit after which posting and sharing becomes too much? If you post too much every day or several times a day you run the risk of over saturating your friend’s news feeds with your content which may be a source of annoyance to them. Annoyance doesn’t get them to look at your content it only gets them to either ignore it or hide/delete it from their news feed altogether. Allow some time between your posts and don’t post too much at one time.

#5. People who post content with rudeness or profanity.

Keep your content clean and people will be thankful for it. It actually shocks me sometimes the things that I see posted by people who are trying to run a business. I’m not telling people how to talk but am just suggesting that maybe if you are upset and angry about something your language could be kept for private messages instead of right out there on people’s walls and news feeds. If you are in Facebook for business you need to show good character so posting things like this can only cause you to look unprofessional and rude. Consider the fact that you are networking and building business relationships.

#6. People promoting themselves or their business where they shouldn’t.

By this I mean posting business related promotions or ads to other people’s walls without their permission. Some people will even seek out posts for a business that is related to theirs or in the same niche and they will then post their business link in the comments section of the other person’s post. One more thing is when someone pitches their business on other people’s business or fan pages. All of these things are very much in poor taste and will make you look less credible since you feel the need to use other people instead of relying on the strength of your own pages to promote your business.

#7. People not responding to messages or comments.

When I am networking sometimes I send a genuine message to someone just saying hello and introducing myself, possibly complimenting them on one of their posts or comments, or thanking them for something. It would be nice if the person could send a short message back just acknowledging me and saying hello back. Respond to your messages, not just sending your business link, and also when someone leaves comments for you on your posts. One of the most important things in business is networking and building relationships which is something that you will never do if you don’t try.

#8. People who don’t return your acts of kindness and practice reciprocity.

You have to give without expectation in order to receive but if you do this you will be amazed how the act of reciprocity will bring you things in return. A few examples of reciprocity are liking someone’s page in return if they like yours, sharing a post for someone if they share one of yours, and going to someone’s event when invited if they frequently go to yours. If someone comments or asks a question related to one of your posts then comment in return. I believe that proper Facebook etiquette includes the act of reciprocity and that if someone receives all the time then they should learn to give.

#9. Topics being posted that are too controversial.

You don’t want to post things that will offend specific groups of people or put one group of people against another. Since I run a group for entrepreneurs and people in direct sales for example I don’t want to post anything that will put certain companies against each other and encourage any company bashing or rivalry. Some real life examples would be on topics such as religion, new age, and politics where the majority of people have different opinions. Keep the topics neutral and write them so that they encourage proactive communication and networking.

#10. People who don’t read and follow the rules or guidelines of a group.

I put this one in here specifically because I have a Facebook group where I am the main admin. A lot of people out there are only concerned with posting ads and leaving in groups and so they don’t take the time to read the rules of the group. In my group for example people are only able to post ads in the comments section of designated posts only. There is a proportion of the group that follows this rule but I still get countless ads submitted by people who haven’t read the rules which is why I need to have it set up that all post need to be approved by an admin.

I think social media and Facebook in particular would be a much happier place if everyone practiced their social media etiquette. I see posts all the time of people being annoyed with their Facebook friends for one of the reasons above. The ones I see most often I have to say are being added to groups without permission and being tagged without permission. Feel free to share with me anything you would include in with Facebook etiquette as I am interested in everyone’s opinions on the matter. I hope you have found this article helpful and stay tuned for more great things to come!

If you would like to learn more about Facebook Marketing have a look at my article entitled “Getting Started with Facebook Marketing”

Melissa Beyers
Blogger at Mompreneurs Success.
Founder of the Facebook Group Mompreneurs Find Your Groove.

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