Fair Trade fashion items like blouses, skirts, and accessories like jewelry and handbags are great because they ensure that a greater portion of the money gets to the people who make the products.  However, Fair Trade fashion is also good for the environment.


Don’t believe it?  Consider this:  the raw materials for most Fair Trade fashion items are cultivated in a sustainable fashion because it makes economic sense for the people harvesting them—slash and burn tactics are just so inefficient.  So the next time you’re checking out an article of clothing or an accessory that’s stamped with the Fair Trade logo, you’re also considering and Eco fashion item!


Now, of course, there are obvious exceptions to this rule.  Not every Fair Trade item is an eco fashion item, but most are.  You simply have to do a little product research to know if you’re getting what you’re paying for.  You see, Eco fashion means either that the clothing and accessories you’re purchasing do not harm the environment or that they are manufactured by companies who give back to the environment through purchasing energy credits, paying for tree plantations, or supporting other Earth-Friendly projects.


So, when hunting for Eco friendly fashions, find out where the product is made, by whom, and if possible, how.  It may be as simple as reading the label sewn into the garment, reading the mission statement on the storefront’s website, or emailing the distributor (or sometimes the manufacturer directly).  Sure it takes a little more effort but Mother Earth will reward you for your time.  And if she doesn’t, she will reward your children and theirs.


You see, eco friendly fashion is not only an investment in your social standing, it’s an investment in the human race’s future.  In short, forcing manufacturers to embrace Eco friendly fashion (or Earth Friendly fashion to put it another way) is everybody’s responsibility.  It sounds melodramatic, I know, but if we don’t start taking responsibility for the future, there won’t be one.


Now that the heavy thinking is done, let me give you a few Earth Friendly fashion tips.  Consider recycled items in addition to items manufactured from natural fibers.  They not only keep waste out of landfills but they ensure that we’re getting the most bang for a carbon footprint.  And remember that Earth Friendly fashion doesn’t have to be earth tones.  You can find great items in all sorts of jazzy colors.

So next time you’re shopping, shop with your brain and not just your credit card.

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