Trends are like footsteps. It is the general course or direction of the market. It is about the direction that people are heading to in terms of their purchases. By purchases I mean the clothes, shoes, gadgets, machines etc. In order to identify market trends technical analysis is usually done. Fashion on the other hand is all about the latest item in the market. It is about the latest accessories, shoes in the market, the latest clothes for women and even the latest bags. It is about anything that is current trend. Therefore fashion and trend goes together.

Fashion and trend comes as a result of change and technology. People are embracing new things and they are working towards making some changes in their lives. The fashion industry emerged as a result of modern age but before most clothing’s were custom made. Today, there are the leggings for women and they are usually designed for those women who like retro gaming. There are those leggings that are made from polyester and they have many colored bricks which makes them identifiable.

Today we have different designs for shoes starting from open shoes, boots and even office shoes. There are even those that have been designed for a particular season. We have shoes for winter season and autumn. Also when it comes to sports, every sport has its kind of shoes that meets the requirement for that particular sport. For example, the shoes used to play football are not the same as that for athletics. They are very different and they come in a wide variety of colors. Shoes should either be subtle just like the boots or they should be made in a way that they are noticeable.

According to a survey that has been conducted it has been discovered that your shoes is the first thing that women notice about your clothing and appearance. Most of them judge you according to the shoes. Therefore it is important for men to look good and choose shoes that are fashionable and clean in order to make that first impression that will last. When you are traveling, there are some of the necessary travel accessories.

Most people spend their time stressing themselves on the trip to the extent that they forget to plan on what they are supposed to carry or they spend little time planning on what they are supposed to carry with them while on their trip. When going for a trip make sure that you have bags that can carry and withstand hard nocks/pressure and last for the whole trip. Don’t carry those bags that will embarrass you in front of other people. When you decide to buy bags for carrying things, go for the best and the ones that will last for a long time.

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