The retro style has once again caused a new trend in the fashion world. You may notice various types of the retro elements appearing in the fashion shows and on the red carpet. A batch of fashion icons have caught this trend and played quite well with retro style. Among them, Kate Moss, one of the world top models, once again caught the public’s attention with her new style.
What Kate Moss has brought into the public’s view are the stylish leather bags. In accordance with the retro style, the whole designs of the leather bags seem to become much more elegant and chic.
As we all know that the leather bags are always the fashion world’s favorites. Compared to bags made of other raw materials, the leather bags are more sophisticate and wearable. Every detail in a leather bag can be designed, such as the buttons, belts and pockets. Looking back to the history of fashion, you may find out that the most representative products of the famous brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, are almost all leather bags. Of course you can say that it is the reputation of these famous bands contributes to the popularity of the leather bags. But it can be understood from the opposite side as well. The high quality and stylish leather bags help to keep the brands’ reputation in return.
Anyway, these leather bags are big hit this season. Stepping out of the fashion world, we can also see millions of ordinary people, career women, housewives, college students, carry the leather bags with them. These people probably focus less on the style of the leather bags than the fashion icons. To them, leather bags are more useful than other ones.
In the aggregate, leather bags have long become the busy guests in people’s life. And now, once the leather bags combine with the retro elements, what do you think will happen? They are perfect match and perfect match will be loved by everyone. I cannot say that I have seen the traces of the leather bags in every place, but, they do become the regular guests in many a fashion show and become the fashion icons and ordinary ones’ favorite.
Observe with your own eyes. Surely, you will notice the same situation. Don’t you feel the itch to get your own retro leather bags and become the street star? Fashion is an attitude of running before the others. Don’t lag behind, because you are the fashion icon today!

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