Getting a tattoo is not just a trend, but also a method to underline your personality and style. If some people choose to get good looking tattoos without any obvious meanings, some others opt for portraits, names and birth dates. All in all, your preferences are not as relevant as the tattoo aftercare. Most artists give their customers a few instructions before leaving the saloon, but such details are general. No artist expects you to actually purchase a new cream or product to use a few times a day for about a week. You probably do not even know why you use one product or another. The lack of education is a serious problem in any domain. Therefore, once you understand what your tattooed skin requires in order to heal, you can make better informed decisions. After all, you want the skin to heal fast and to preserve the inked appearance for many years.



  • Protect the artwork

Plenty of artists recommend covering the new tattoo with a clean bandage for a few hours, only to soak up the bleeding. However, a new tattoo can weep fluids for more time, depending on each organism. Besides, your dressing style and maintenance are just as important. For instance, if the tattooed skin cannot breathe and the air cannot get in there, the fluids will keep coming out of your body for more days. Therefore, such bandages may be needed for more than just a few hours. Ideally, you should get a new one for more hours at a time on a daily basis. If there are no liquids, feel free to leave it as-is.

Changing the bandage will leave some scabs behind. It might be extremely tempting to pick at them, but try to resist. Doing so will scar and destroy your tattoo.

  • The moisture is essential

The moisture will not just ensure a faster healing process, but can also maintain the tattoo in its initial shape. A dry skin will most likely lose some of the colors, especially over time. The moisturizing lotion you choose must be natural and without any preservatives. Therefore, it should not have any colors or scents. You may also find creams specifically manufactured for the healing tattoos, but they are more expensive. If you are not sure what to purchase, ask your artist for some advice.

Unlike your expectations, more lotion does not automatically mean a faster healing. Too much of it may leach the colors. Therefore, if your skin feels too greasy, pat up with a clean and soft towel. The layer must be thin and just enough to cover the skin.

  • Sun protection

The ultraviolet rays are very harmful for your skin, especially when it is wounded and not healed yet. The healing skin is very sensitive in front of the sun. There are situations when you may hide your tattoo, depending on the area you choose. However, there are cases when you just have to take it out. You cannot really walk down the street during the summertime with a scarf on your neck just because you have a tattoo. Therefore, you must apply a sunblock lotion a few times a day if you spend too much time outdoors. The solar protective factor must be higher than 50.


The sunblock is essential for tattoos, regardless of their age. It makes no difference if you got the artwork a couple of days ago or ten years back. The seasoned tattoos can be negatively affected as well. Sunburn will scar and exfoliate the skin, neither of which is too appropriate for a tattooed area.

Avoiding the complications

The most common post-tattoo complications are the infections. When the area gets infected, it will change the aspect of your artwork, but can also extend the healing process. Therefore, you need to adopt a few different ideas:


  • Never touch a new tattoo without washing your hands first.
  • Wash the tattoo up to five times a day.
  • Do not use anything else to wash but your fingers.
  • Rinse the tattoo after each wash under running water.
  • Let the tattoo air dry. If you do not have the time for it, use a soft and clean towel and pat it gently.

Author’s bio

Raymond Briggs is an experienced artist with many tattoo ink projects under his belt. He represents a primary name for those who want to mark themselves or just need some advice. His write-up enlightens the newly tattooed individuals on professional techniques and tricks to maintain their artworks in a perfect shape for many years.

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