As cold temperatures are quickly approaching, fashion trend outerwear is being examined. After all, coats are the clothing items which are seen the most throughout the winter. They are worn on top of different wardrobe pieces and often must transition from day to evening. Here are some tips to help women look fabulous all through this upcoming holiday season.

Length Is Key

Winter 2013 is seeing a fashion trend of knee length outerwear. This especially carries over into trench coat designs. A fitted trench coat offers a wonder silhouette to women with a slender figure. Military and retro styling is one of the most popular trench choices.

Color, Color, Color

Although black and winter white are timeless classics, the major fashion trend for fall and winter is bright colors and prints. Imitation animal skin including snakeskin is hotter than ever. Some of the leading designers include numerous eye catching pieces of outerwear this upcoming season. For people who desire less attention, there are tamer animal prints available as well.

Leather And Fur

Leather is always a popular choice for colder months. There are numerous garments which are being designed to blend with leather outerwear. A monochromatic leather outfit is going to be very hot this season and includes a leather coat, skirt, and accessories. There are multiple typed of leather that are being used and all are a popular fashion trend for 2012-2013.

Fashion fur is fun to wear and is lining runways all over the world. Fluffy fur is most popular. Faux fox and raccoon fur can be designed in a lightweight blend. Fancier designs made from faux mink are also desired. Combining various colors and kinds of fur are also a trend used by many designers. Certain fabrics and leather are mixed with fur accents as well.

Overall Design Characteristics

Winter 2013 is seeing a trend in coats without collars. This adds a fresh twist to classic outerwear designs. Also, coats are going without fasteners. Instead of buttons and snaps, coats are being left to hang open or closed with belts. For designs which include fasteners, they are hidden and out of sight.

When cold weather arrives, it is vital to select the proper coat that is part of a fashion trend these can be found at and many others. This season is seeing a return of faux fur and bright colors. Fashion is meant to be exciting. Since a coat will be worn everyday, it is imperative to show off the latest deigns while maintaining comfort. A good coat will be the best accessory a person can wear and will carry over into future seasons. It is key to match personality with function and select a coat that will look good and work well for individual needs.

The author is a woman who has great knowledge on the fashion industry. She tries to explain which fashion trend will work best for everyday women who need functional clothing. 

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