Being in Fashion is the First Priority of everyone in the 21st century. However keeping pace with fast changing Fashion is not so easy, especially when it comes to the matter of Clothes. The year 2011 has also brought many Fashion styles .2011 is the year of Return of 70’s fashion and look. In Pakistan Fashion is very much followed especially in Young Generation of Male and Female. High Waist Jeans, bright colors and huge bulky belts are back in fashion For Young Girls and Ladies. Pakistani Girls remain very up to date with Fashion and leave no chance of presenting themselves Beautiful to others and for this reason they usually have a very keen interest in Fashion. 2011 is a year of Fashion of Long Kameez for Muslim Girls with flattered Trousers. Big Flower4s and Floral Prints are also very much in Demand this Year. The Punjabi natives mostly sport unstitched clothes called Lungis orDhotis. Lungis or Dhotis are skirt like nether garments, which are wrapped and tucked around waist. It is worn with the Kameez in formal settings, and with a short waistcoat vest-like shirt in informal gatherings. Pathan men also wear sleeveless embroidered vests over theShalwar-Kameez. In addition, they wear caps of various shapes and designs; the most common being the Pukul Hat which is a flat round wool cap. The Balochis wear Turbans which have the clothes tied in such a way that symbolize their tribal identity. In Sindh highly decorative caps are common. Hats and caps vary in cut and shape, as well as embroidery stitches and patterns, according to the tribe or peoples of the particular area. Their wearers may thus be immediately identified as to their ethnic origin, economic standing and social status. abreast with the latest in men’s fashion. They could afford the brands and newest of styles. They were the ones who had only the latest in their wardrobes. It is a luxury for just a limited number of men to be able to enjoy the cost of being fashionable. Not everyone could afford to follow the latest fads and trends. “The rich can afford to change their wardrobe every month or so and the new wardrobe reflects their changing tastes thereby setting new trends,” he says. When people who have status start to wear new or different clothes a fashion trend may start. People, who like or respect them, may start to wear clothes of a similar style. In the male political class, the Jinnah sherwani as well as the achkan churidar is the official dress code at all ceremonial and official state functions. The new set of politicians is now opting for the formal three-piece western suit for formal functions. The trend of wearing the sherwani among the common class is restricted to weddings. The sherwani comes in a variety of colors, like black, blues, greens and browns with the elegance of embroidery using semi-precious stones. Pure silk Jamewar turbans and embroidered shawl complete the attire making the groom look like a member of the royal courtyard of the Maharajas and Emperors. Men are also not far behind Pakistani Women. Pakistani men are becoming Fashionable day by day by Experimenting with their clothing and looks. T-Shirts and Jeans both Skinny and Loose are very much in Fashion for Pakistani Men. Men are now using various fashion accessories as well that includes Chains, Bracelets, Watches etc. Every fashion trend remains for not more then 02 months, So Keep on changing each and every fashion to show others and to look attractive.

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