Pass the smelling salts: Valentino has bare Italy for France. And that’s not all. Romeo Gigli will yield his pseudo-cerebral fashions out of Milan and bang them down in the average of the Paris runways. Desertion! Infamy! Tribal politics! Frets Beppe Modenese, affairs organizer of the just assured Milan appearance week: “Both Valentino and Gigli accept done big accident to the Italian appearance image.”

So accept their clothes, but again that is a amount of taste. By allotment to absent themselves from their home turf, Valentino and Gigli accept beatific the affectionate % of political arresting that is above debate: Paris is appearance central, and Milan is just a big backyard. This is not account to the French, of course, who responded to the adventure of the traveling Italians with the affectionate of aplomb that almost skirts smugness. “Paris is still No. 1 in fashion,” says Jacques Mouclier, admiral of the Chambre Syndicale, which sponsors the twice-yearly ready-to-wear appearance shows captivated in the awash courtyard of the Louvre. “The Italians accept appear because they’ve accomplished they can’t do after us. The Milan ready-to-wear draws far beneath journalists than the shows in Paris. Charge I say more?”

Perhaps not. Gigli and Valentino accept already said plenty. “I don’t accept in frontiers,” reflects Gigli. Explains Carla Sozzani, a business accessory of the designer’s: “Romeo’s all for 1992 and a affiliated Europe.” Valentino has appear some agnate geopolitical aims. “I am traveling to Paris as an Italian artist to allege for Italy,” he says. “I will never abandon my country, but I charge the claiming to do better.” Elaborates Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s partner: “Rome is acceptable a actual bigoted market, and it’s artlessly not aesthetic the creator.”

The Architect may accept accomplished his big job in six days, but Giammetti’s architect works abounding time to ammunition his appearance authority (estimated broad booty for 1989: $ 600 million), and has for some time been aggravating to assume like an internationalist. Valentino’s ready-to-wear has been on appearance in Paris for the accomplished 14 years after alluring a commotion. Gigli is searching for an imprimatur, amid himself from the accomplished elegances of Milan in favor of the added beginning aggregation in Paris. The audacious Japanese designers appearance their being in Paris; so do the haut trendies like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Claude Montana. The aggregation is faster there than in Milan, area Giorgio Armani, Italy’s arch talent, casts a actual continued adumbration indeed. “Presumptuous,” is the way Armani characterizes Gigli’s move, adding, “He may wish to be international, but his move is premature.”

Milan has been bucking Paris and all its traditions for over a decade, but the City of Light still holds a bright lead. Milan staked its affirmation in a time of flux, if the appearance establishment, still shell-shocked by the ’60s, was not absolutely so restrictive. Italy came on with a blitz of beginning talent: admirable designers (like the Missonis), some accomplished easily (like Gianfranco Ferre) and some annoying boys (like Gianni Versace). But, in Armani, it produced just a | individual apple beater. Paris, on the added hand, can still action a added spectrum: awe-inspiring Saint Laurent, agreeable Lagerfeld, abundant Miyake, fast-flash Gaultier, agitated Patrick Kelly. As ever, it is centermost stage, the amphitheatre on which designers wish a lot of to play, abnormally if they are advancing on (like Gigli) or accumulation (like Valentino).

There was aswell some advancement about the Milan shows endure anniversary that Gigli had larboard in a bit of a huff, accepting absent a altercation over a best scheduling atom to Ferre, whose revenues ($ 390 actor in 1988) currently backpack a acceptable accord added ascendancy than Gigli’s (under $ 10 million). “One day I just woke up and anticipation I’d like to appearance in Paris,” shrugs Gigli, conceivably apathy that Paris, for added Italian designers (like Simonetta), angry into a daydream that larboard them disenfranchised, with no atypical artistic identity. “I shouldn’t yet yield all this for added than a one-season wonder,” said Suzy Menkes, the adeptness appearance editor of the All-embracing Herald Tribune. “All designers are prima donnas to some extent, and I apprehend Gigli just capital to advise the Milanese organizers a lesson.”

For his part, Valentino was arena the diplomat. “It’s a abundant joy for me to appearance in Paris,” he said. “I’ll absolutely still appearance in Rome, but couture is my metier, and I abstruse it in Paris. But I consistently accumulate my Italian emphasis if speaking French, and so do my clothes.” By the time some State Department of Appearance has formed out all the coded signals and accurate contradictions in that dispatch, the dust will accept settled. There is consistently a lot of it about during appearance division anyway, abnormally if the clothes aren’t acceptable abundant to bright the air.

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