Florence Italy in 1921 was the top of fashion world. Italy was famous for top class clothes and leather. Guccio Gucci established his fashion career in that prime era to take advantage of fashion world’s demand of top quality clothing and leather wear.


The name took off like a rocket, with Gucci expanding to open a clothing boutique in Rome just 15 years later. Guccio, the owner design many of the products that were most famous and well received, such as the trademark handbag with the bamboo handles, and the leather sandals that are still in the company offerings today, nearly 100 years later.


When Gucci died in 1953, he left behind him multiple sons, three of whom played a pivotal role in the company future. Aldo, the eldest led the company to prominence on the international scene, with their New York boutiques, but the family became nearly as famed for their fighting as they were for their fashions.


The day in and day out operations of the company led to serious combats for the family which in the end, nearly cost them their business. Cheap imitation products began to appear on the market that the company simply could not stop.


The saving grace for the Gucci family at that time was the perfumes division which proved to sell nearly as much, and then more, than the actual clothing line. The Gucci company was saved by their perfumes and accessories line from bankruptcy.


Today, the house of Gucci is owned by a French company, but still carries designs made by the original Gucci family.The House of Gucci and the Gucci group is today owned by the French company known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, who have returned most of the original luster and glamour to the Gucci products and businesses.


Gucci is once more a fashion house of high reputation and is once more on top of their game. Controls put into place by the new owners have made the house of Gucci what it once was, and in fact, something more.


According to BusinessWeek, the House of Gucci made more than 2 billion euros in 2008and in 2009 climbed to an unprecedented 41st slot on the Business week top 100 Global Brands list.


The House of Gucci today enjoys a reputation as one of the hottest brands of clothing world wide. It is the largest selling Italian clothing and accessories maker in the entire world these days and the hot new items that come out with each new season tell us that it’s going to be staying there.


Gucci has also entered into an agreement with Unicef, and a portion of the money made from Gucci clothing and accessories goes to Unicef Childrens services.


Jason Thompson writes for DesignerSunnies.com.au, specializing in Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and other popular brands.

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