Fendi, now almost synonymous with class and style, was founded in 1918. This Italian fashion company can now be found worldwide, in such diverse places as Baku, Harlem, Lesotho, and Dar Es Salaam.

The company began with a furs and leather shop in Rome, opened by one Adele Casagrande. In 1925, she got married to Edoardo Fendi, and they came to an agreement to change the business name to Fendi. Their business succeeded and grew to be able to open another shop in Via Piave by 1932. The couple came to form a partnership with Karl Lagerfeld, a German designer, who came up with the now-famous double F logo.

The company’s first contributions to the market were their attractive, light and much easier to wear fur garments, far cries from the conventional heavy fur coats of before. They continued to develop and explore new and novel ways of dealing with leathers and furs. Eventually, they also created a ready-to-wear line of fabric clothing, meant to be worn under their furs. By 1969, the company was able to come out with a ready-to-wear fur line, bringing the luxury of furs to a lower-priced market without compromising the trademark quality.

At present, the company has several brands of products that they still make available on the market. They produce a line of timepieces, all boasting Swiss watch technology. There is also an eyewear brand, with prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their ready to wear clothing sold off the rack at department stores are represented by the line Prêt-à-Porter. The company’s internationally renowned fur line is as strong as ever, and is one of the company’s strongest and most distinctive brands. The label also has a fragrance line, which began with Fendi for Women, the company’s first perfume that was launched in 1985. Since then, this fragrance line grew to include Theorema Uomo as well as Fendi Uomo, which are made for men, and Fantasia and Celebration, their counterparts made for women.

Their newest brand is called Fendi Casa, and is the company’s branching into home furnishings and interior design. This new brand is still devoted to quality and style, making for distinctive, beautiful pieces. With the labels allure and track record, It is sure to do as well as all the previous divisions.

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