Fendi sunglasses sport one of the most unusual logos in the fashion industry. The initial “F” repeated in reversed and upside-down creates an optical illusion from a distance. The outlined Fendi sunglasses frame underneath forms a “Z” shape. If one must pay high prices for a pair of high quality sunglasses, then you might as well get a pair with this unique stamp that boldly says, Fendi!

But Fendi sunglasses and purses aren’t going to make anyone blow “Z’s”–like the cartoon characters do when they sleep. The well dressed and trendy ‘toons will leap from the Sunday funnies straight into the society pages when he puts on Fendi sunglasses. Just as the average person can add so much more to their look with a pair of Fendis. Classic styling combine with the most colorful frames and lenses of any collection this season in the Fendi sunglasses line.

Fendi sunglasses are like love letters. These sunglasses with their in multi-colored logo and have a graphic arts appeal. Large font tumbling letters impart a sort of 1960s flare when positioned on black frames at the temple. Every sunglasses line has its signature piece and love letters is Fendi’s. Be sure to send yourself a love letter today.

The Fendi design house was founded in 1918 in Rome, Italy and specialized in fashion animal furs. They are one of the few companies to still market animal furs. The company produces a number of Fendi sunglasses styles that look elegant and sophisticated with fur or even faux fur, for those animal lovers among us. Fendi spyglass sunglasses for instance, create the luxurious image of woman, yet is still bold enough for the fashion statement of a fur coat in the summer.

Fendi clear square frame sunglasses are equally alluring with any fine Fendi suit. You’ll get plenty of UV protection without having any light blocked from your eyes. These glasses are especially great for those who find that they’ve got fabulous eyes too.

Most Fendi frames are curved to help the sunglasses better conform to the wearer’s face. However there are several pairs of Aviator style glasses that are suitable to retro fans. Fendi straps are a unique pair of sunglasses with temples designed to look like the straps on a purse or a belt. It’s quite the fashion statement. Fashionistas can pick their own favorite colors from; Brown Mirror, Pink, Gradient Gray White, Black Gunmetal and Dark Brown. It’s a look that suits both men and women who love the cutting edge of contemporary style.

The price for standing out amongst the crowd runs high with the Fendi name brand. Their glasses average about $ 300 each and some can run up to $ 450 a pair. Quality is the reward for this price with many glasses offering unique features like Swarovski crystals and unique styles like temples made from a metal grid work of Fendi symbols.

Fendi is a company known for their outstanding class and style. Everything they create, not just clothing, from sunglasses to purses is sure to be high quality.

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