Yes, long days at the office can leave you without vigor, make you feel tired and moody. Stress doesn’t just affect the way you’re feeling but is also the culprit for those signs that started showing up on your face. A good 8 or more hours of sleep should solve the problem, but that is not always at hand. Late hours at work have already begun showing through some dark circles around your eyes, and puffy eyes.

We all know what the rule of thumb is when it comes to living and looking healthy: a good sleep, vitamin intake by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, using sunscreen, and always removing makeup before sleep. But for those times when all these steps are not an option, there are some tips that can help hide the effects of stress on your face in a matter of minutes.

With age, stress, sleepless nights and wrinkles become a real issue, as much as any of us try to delay. There comes a time, the point of no return, when we just have to accept that aging is natural and all we can do is try to cover up and diminish the appearance of wrinkles with various tricks. Some can do wonders when it comes to hiding skin-related imperfections.

Think Primers!

A great first step is using a primer that contains lots of vitamins. Primers were especially designed to seal in enlarged pores and fine lines, creating a fine base for any foundation you apply afterward. A primer that contains a vitamin complex is even better. Why? Vitamins are essential for nourishing your skin and make you look and feel energetic all day long. You should also try a primer that has UV protection. UV rays are present even when it’s cloudy outside, and day-to-day exposure can lead to a decrease in skin elasticity, premature aging, and sun spots. All in all, primers are the perfect multi-tasker product fill in wrinkles, light up your face and keep your makeup on for a longer period.

Illuminators are yet another great product to help fight traces of lack of sleep or stress. They highlight the areas where it’s applied, allowing you to create a glowy, fresh look.

Baking… outside the kitchen

While baking isn’t that new on the beauty scene (it’s been quite popular in the last couple of years), it has become an ever-growing trend. If you follow celebs or makeup gurus on YouTube, you’ve surely noticed that this abundant powder application technique has become quite a craze. All you need to get that camera-ready appearance is a translucent powder that you apply on under your eyes and wherever you have fine lines, leave it for about 10 minutes for your body heat to “cook” it and then simply sweep it off with a brush. You will get a flawless look, and your primer and concealer will be well preserved on your face.

Caffeine to the rescue!

If dark circles are your biggest problem, there are some great options for you to get rid of them. One very popular solution is starting to use caffeine-based eye-creams or gels. The caffeine in these products helps to eliminate under-eye puffiness and increase blood-circulation in the area, while also inducing a cooling sensation. To get the best results, try adding concealer to your makeup routine, as it helps cover all the darkened areas under your eyes. As a rule of thumb, start by drawing a triangle shape and fill it in with the product, then blend it outwards. The results are amazing, you will look perfect in just a few minutes, and you can just forget last night ever happened.

DIY masks

Red skin patches are also a problem that shows up on a mature or tired skin. But not to worry, there are lots of ways to get rid of them in no time. If you’re on a low budget or if you are a fan of all natural ways, try some DIY face masks to fight off dryness and irritated marks: avocado, the coconut and honey mask or a DIY yogurt, honey and oatmeal mask will calm down the affected areas and reduce redness. If you simply can’t find the time to make these recipes at home, you can use day or night creams that are super moisturizing, and that are rich in oils. If you feel that those just aren’t enough, next time try applying a hydrating serum on clean face, before using the cream. Serums were designed to boost the collagen balance and quick fix damaged. This type of product takes care of your skin during the night and prepares you for the next day when your face will be already moisturized for your makeup routine.

Mind your sleep and diet

Last but not least, waking up with under-eye bags. Can it get any more frustrating? Puffy eyes are one of the most common beauty problems, caused by lack of sleep, stress, allergies, hormonal changes, hangovers, even problems related to diet. It’s hard to pinpoint the root-cause.

There are many bad habits you need to cut off of you don’t want to see those puffy areas again. Quit smoking, have an 8-hour sleep every night and cut the alcohol from your “diet.”

A grandma-approved trick, one of the oldest in the book, is to take a spoon, freeze it for a couple of minutes and then use it to massage the inflatable area. Concealer is an easy go-to when it comes to eye puffiness, as they illuminate the area under your eyes. The trick is to put your concealer under the puffy area, on the shadow that defines this inflated spots. Then just continue with your makeup routine and try not to highlight that zone.

Frame the picture

For an all-around fresh look, you mustn’t forget about your hair either. To complement your newly-done makeup in the fastest way possible, try using a rotating hair brush for a boost in volume (you can check out some reviews first). The number one benefit of using this hair tool is that it dries your hair as you style so it’s basically a multi-tasker’s must-have.

A very healthy life that involves a great nutrition doing sports and a good 8-hour sleep should keep you away from all these problems. But if life goes haywire sometimes, you’ll always find some makeup trick that can do the job for you.

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