Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June and this year it’s June 18th. If you’re still cracking your head thinking of a perfect gift to get him, why not buy a nice wallet that he can use for many years to come? Finding the right wallet for your dad is not that difficult once you identify the kind of dad you have.

The Silent Breadwinner

Day in day out, he slogs away trying to make a little bit more money so that you can have a better life. He may not seem to care much about what goes on at home but you know how much he’s sacrificed for the family.

For the Silent Breadwinner, pick a wallet that’s simple, practical and down-to-earth. It shouldn’t be too expensive too, otherwise he might just snap at you for spending too much on a mere wallet.

You may want to consider a black leather wallet by Goldlion. It holds everything – his bank cards, his driver’s license, and his cash and coins. It’s neither fanciful nor flamboyant. It simply serves its function well. At $ 40.50, it’s great value for money. You’re likely to get a nod of approval from him.

The Family Man

He held your hand when you first learnt to walk. He heard you utter your first word. He accompanied you on your first day of school. And of course, he attended your graduation ceremony.

For the nurturing Family Man, get him a wallet that can hold a nice family photo. This should put a smile on his face every time he opens his wallet.

If you’re prepared to splurge, you may want to consider a billfold wallet by Lanvin. It has a generous clear photo window that should make any family photo look great.

The $ 280 price tag may be daunting but you’re really paying a premium for superb French craftsmanship. And the Lanvin label, of course.

The Over-Indulgent Dad

He’s largely responsible for the spoilt brat you’ve become. In his eyes, you can do nothing wrong even if you burn down the house. He spends all his energies ensuring that you’re provided for, making sure that you’re protected from the harsh realities of the outside world.

Father’s Day should be a good time for you to pay your dues and spoil your Over-Indulgent Dad. Pamper him with a luxurious lambskin wallet by Montblanc. This wallet is held in such high regard that Montblanc calls it Cashmere in Leather.

Your daddy will probably feel really guilty that you got him such an expensive present and buy you a brand new convertible to make it up to you.

The Giant

He’s feared and respected by many, including you. Most people envy you for having a father who’s somewhat larger than life. But the pressure of living up to his expectations or filling his shoes can sometimes be overwhelming. Not everyone is born an alpha male.

For the Giant, get him a credit card wallet from Cartier’s prestigious Pasha de Cartier line. Made in France using top grade cowhide, it looks sleek and stylish, oozing confidence and charisma just like its soon-to-be owner.

Logan Wong is the editor of the Mensfolio.com Blog [http://blog.mensfolio.com]. Please visit Mensfolio.com to view the products described in this article.

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