There are not many people who cannot instantly identify a Ford Crown Victoria. This car has been on the road for several decades already, and tends to be best known for its role as a police car. There is no mistaking this car on the road as it has been the symbol of law enforcement everywhere up until recently. A product of the Ford motor company, this car is a classic in its own way. This car is a full size sedan that first began it’s journey back in the 1950s. Having been around for so many decades, this car is often known as the Crown Vic. 

Not only has the Crown Victoria been used as a police vehicle across the nation, it is also commonly found used in other fleets as well. From taxi cabs to business fleets, these cars have dominated that area of transportation. Of course, you will still occasionally find it used as a regular family car. That is the older models though. Starting 2008 this car became available only for fleet use, which is certainly interesting. Throughout the automotive industry changes, the Ford Crown Vic has maintained the hold it created back in the 1950s to 70s. Though it is similar to other Ford cars like the Taurus, it just is not quite the same.

 It was the year 1955 when Ford launched the first of many Crown Victorias to come. It was built to hold up to six passengers and was originally a coupe. The Crown Vic has a twin in the Mercury Grand Marquis. The Vic is a V8 engine car that is also rear wheel drive. The sturdy steel frame made it impressive in a collision. It was often able to be repaired in the right circumstances. Safety is always an important feature in any vehicle. The Crown Victoria was ideal for police use because of this. 

Despite the benefits associated with the Ford Crown Victoria, the sales began to diminish drastically over the years. In the year 2006, just 3000 of these cars were sold. It has since pulled out of many auto markets and become fleet only for this reason. Strangely enough, in the following year the Grand Marquis, almost the very same car, sold well above reaching more than 30,000 in the total sold. Though the Crown Vic has been restricted to fleet only in the United States, it has been withdrawn entirely from other auto markets such as Canada. 

In recent years this Ford model has been losing its hold as the dominating force in the fleet world. Since the Dodge Charger was brought back as a large, rear wheel drive sedan, it has been challenging Ford directly. Many police precincts are now making use of the Charger and it’s additional qualities like the Hemi engine. There has been plenty of speculation about what Ford plans to do with the Crown Victoria in the near future but nothing concrete has been announced or confirmed as of yet. Regardless, the Crown Vic will always stand apart from the rest and be easily identified by it’s substantial history.

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