Ford is well known for its dependable, heavy-duty F series trucks and more recently as the only American car company that didn’t receive government funding to stay in business. Ford is also dedicated to helping disabled persons remain mobile, and since 1996 has used a team of Mobility Ambassadors to educate people about the steps Ford takes to help disabled motorists and demonstrate the options available.

Ford has a team of three Mobility Ambassadors that work tirelessly traveling to car shows and special events to bring awareness to the steps Ford is taking to support disabled persons and about their mobility program. For customers qualified to take part in the mobility program, they can purchase select models with no money down, get reimbursed for some of the installation costs, and get advice on how to best use the mobility packages offered by Ford. Ford offers customizations like carriers, special door handles, hand controls, lowered floors, power assist seats, higher ceilings, and wheelchair restraints. Select Ford models can be customized to fit any need: vans, trucks, SUVs, sedans, 2-door coupes, and crossovers. Ford is dedicating to meeting the needs of all individuals and families, whether they drive for work or play.

The newest Ford Mobility Ambassador is paralympian Jane Sowerby, a member of the British disabled ski team and 2008 British Disabled Female Champion. She has a customized Ford S-MAX with hand controls and plenty of cargo room for her training gear as she prepares for the 2010 Winter Paralympics. Jason Richards is another Mobility Ambassador, and he also has an S-MAX that will hold all of his racing chairs and 18-month-old twins. Fraser Bathgate completes the team as a professional scuba diver and instructor. Each of these dedicated individuals have enough to worry about, so Ford makes sure they don’t have to worry about getting themselves or their gear around town.

Ford picks ambassadors that inspire disabled people to pursue their dreams and personal freedom. These ambassadors love to talk with the public, educate people about all the options Ford offers, demonstrate the versatility of available adaptations, and promote the rights of disabled motorists. The attitude and determination of these individuals echoes Ford’s own determination to lead US automakers into the future. Ford has never been a company to follow the lead of others, so it stands to reason that they lead the charge in this as well.

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