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It doesn’t take much for some to opt for fresh air and the outdoors. There was a time when all a mountaineer needed was a sack and rifle. Today, things are still outdoorsy but a bit more technologically advanced. Here are top apps for hitting the great outdoors.


This is heaven-sent for those who love to hike and bike. The app is stocked with information on over 50,000 trails. Find out distances, difficulty levels, and read reviews posted by other bikers and hikers. Download a particular map to your phone to take with you offline to go on a trail.

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Ramblr is customized for the outdoorsy types who like to document their adventures. Record your route, statistics, and particulars like wind speed. Geo-tag stops on a longer journey. Need some ideas for where to go next? See what other Ramblrs are doing.


Yonder is engineered for campers. Unlock a database containing more than 200,000 destinations. It’s great for those who have gained exceptional knowledge over their own immediate area and would like to find those special distant gems found and shared by others who love the outdoors.

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LeafSnap is a project comprised of several professional sources, allowing users to take pictures of trees and plants and get instant information. Identify by leaves, bark, flowers, or fruits. Mark sightings on a map to catalog discoveries.

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Geocaching is definitely a ‘thing,’ with players spanning the entire globe. There are over 2 million active hunts going on at the moment. Players place small tokens at hidden locations and post coordinates for others to follow.

Star Walk

Most of the day is spent looking at what’s on the ground, but the nighttime is when we draw attention to the stars. See diagrams, drawings, and mappings of stars and constellations with Star Walk. Moreover, get information related to astrology and mythology.

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SAS Survival Guide

Don’t be a victim of your own unpreparedness. If you’re adventurous then, you should also be knowledgeable about survival. This app is stocked with information, resources, and quizzes to ensure you’re equally excited and insightful about the outdoors.

Weather Live Free

Get ready for an upcoming vacation or prepare for an oncoming storm with this handy app. Get in-depth information related to local weather for the next 7 days. Get access to weather radars and maps, wind speeds and direction, and the latest on rain, snow, and more.

Audubon Birds Pro

There’s little surprise to what this app can do. Get detailed descriptions of over 800 species of birds. Traditional bird books have great photos and information but do they allow you to actually hear the bird calls? This app does.

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