It comes as second nature to most girls, looking for bargains when it comes to good fashionable brands to wear. Therefore one of the best places for you to do some shopping is at a designer consignment store. You have to understand that a consignment store is rather different from a thrift shop. In a consignment store, the clothes that are bought in are sold to the boutique and the profits made from subsequent sales are shared on a pre-decided basis. This can be 50-50 or 60-40. Another thing with designer consignment stores is that the clothes accepted are only from recognized brands and not from any mass manufactured or other such labels.

For those who know how to shop in designer consignment stores, they are constantly in search of good bargains that they can get on classic brands. If you are looking for one such shop that can give you several brands at one go, then you have to do a little digging into the way they function. The first is to determine the authenticity of the products that you are buying. Ask the store on the ways they determine the genuineness of the product. Good stores will have experts on hand who can evaluate these clothes that arrive.

Though it is really difficult for most companies to ascertain, ask them how many new items a week they get into their store. There may be some with really good runs where getting up to 500 new things a day is possible. However, if they have a steady number each week, you can be sure that there is something new for you to look at every week. Ask them if they have clothes that come in from a season or trend that has just gone by. Good designer consignment stores generally have a stock of the latest seasons coming in on the heels of the line closing.

If the designer stores hold brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton luggage as well as Hermés handbags, and matching quality costume jewelry to go with it. The great thing about consignment shops is that if you use the outfit a couple of times and it is still in great shape, you can return it to the designer consignment store and still sell it for a profit. It makes finding brands and purchasing them at a good price rather easy. The concept of these stores is generally a win-win situation for all.


If you love upscale designer consignment shops then you’ve come to the right place. Karma Couture is a designer consignment store that carries luxury name brands. We also take online consignments from all over the country. We sell a great selection of fashionable, trendy, brand new and gently used authentic designer handbags and accessories.

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