Gifting the Right Flowers to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Sending beautiful flowers to your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day is supposed to be a traditional and truly thoughtful gesture for demonstrating your deep love for your mom. However, it could become pretty difficult for you to make the right choice if you need to determine the best from a host of flower arrangements including bouquets, floral gifts, and blooming plants.

Choose the Best Flowers to Complement Your Mom’s Personality

For Your Traditional Mom

Many of you are aware that the conventional Mother’s Day flower actually is carnation. If your mom is a distinguished lady with a traditional bent of mind, you could stick to a big bouquet of vibrant carnations to please your mom and bring a bright smile on her face. Alternatively, you could choose a lovely bouquet that has a magical combination of some brightly colored freshly-cut spring blooms including the carnations. Your mom would be happy to see you follow the custom religiously and she would be delighted to know that carnations would be lasting much longer as compared to other cut flowers.

If your mom is fascinated by the idea of a rich bouquet comprising only one specific type of flowers, you may buy a gorgeous bouquet of roses, or spring lilies, or even tulips. If your mom has a weakness for fragrant flowers, you may choose fragrant lavender, freesia, roses, carnations, or even oriental lilies. Do not forget to send flowers on Mother’s Day if you do not wish to hurt your mom.

For Your Contemporary/ Modern Mom

If your dearest mom is quite modern and used to leading a contemporary lifestyle, she would be quite excited to find flowers that complement her contemporary lifestyle. You may not stick to sending the usual bouquet of cut flowers; instead, opt for a blossoming plant such as the beautiful gardenia. Gardenias are known for their truly enchanting fragrance. You may create a combination bouquet of dazzling white gardenias, roses, and hydrangea. Your mom would be delighted to see the elegant bouquet with a contemporary touch.

Some Choicest Flowers to Win Your Mom’s Heart

Tulip: The unique shape and the bright colors make tulips a favorite choice for your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Just like red roses, we all know that red tulips symbolize true love and adoration. Yellow tulips express joy and cheerfulness. Gift these beautiful flowers to your mom to make her feel happy.

Orchid: Orchids are perfect if you want to show your mom how much you appreciate her creativity and originality. Orchids are tremendously appreciated by trendsetters who have an amazing imagination and a quirky sense of humor. They dare to think outside the box in every circle of life and deserve the most special flowers.

Carnation: Carnations are vibrant, beautiful flowers available in a number of colors. Each color has a meaning attached to it and you will want to go for your mom’s favorite color to make her day. Of course, you could go for the breathtaking pink carnations as a symbol of love.


Remember that it does not really matter whether your mom seems to be modern, conventional, or a mix of both because identifying the perfect flower for your mom on her special day is not difficult at all. That is because you know that irrespective of what you gift her, the only reason she would feel happy and proud, is the fact that the lovely bouquet came from you, her precious darling.

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