Last year, the fashion scene was dominated by bright and primary colors with bold designs. This year’s winter fashion trend however is deviating from that but that doesn’t mean that winter fashion will be dull and boring. The hottest looks for winter right now still demand bold colors, clean structured shapes and daring combinations of different pieces.

Best Colors for Winter

Gray will still be a dominant color this winter but it would compete with fresh and daring colors like tomato reds, teal greens, indigo blues, subtle combinations of honey and apricot as well as the rich colors of aubergine purple.

Gray is still in for this winter and goes very well with other hues as well as a nice background for this year’s bold colors. However, say goodbye to last year’s dark slate grey and instead choose soft, silvery tones of grey. More and more of this silverfish grey is coming out and is usually accompanied by soft tones of rose quartz, lavender, lemon chiffon, pale taupe and other beige colors. You could also opt for creamy tones for they provide a good canvas for the rich colors that are in fashion for 2008-2009 Winter.

Structured, Bold Designs for Winter

Color is not the only way to make a statement this winter for more and more fashion designers are going for the shape of clothing to catch attention. Pyramid shaped coats, clothing with emphasized shoulder lines, hour-glass shaped coats and dresses and tulip shaped skirts are being seen on fashion runways and magazines these days.

The billowy, soft silhouettes of previous seasons are gone and structured shapes are the way to go. More and more emphasis is being put on the shoulders with wide shoulder lines as well as emphasis on the shape of the body with body-hugging clothes.

Just remember that if you go for bold designs, you should keep ornaments and colors at a minimum, opting for mono-colored clothes or less decorative ornaments. If you find that the shape is too daring for you but you still want to be trendy, then compromise by going for simple, clean cuts with variations of large collars. You could try knitted or furry, modern or vintage styled collars just as long as they are big. Also, make sure that the collar is in contrast with the rest of your clothing and this could be achieved by using collars with different texture, color or fabric.

Leather and biker inspired clothing is back for this winter so go for the romantic biker look. You can wear biker jacket with shiny zippers that are made of glossy leather. Just make sure that you soften the look up by wearing fur, knitted clothes or playful skirts in various colors.

Dresses and skirts are still in this winter but more and more fashion designers are leaning towards dresses. Prints and patterns that are trendy for this winter are arabesque and geometric prints. However, it is important to realize that if last year was all about gaining attention through loud and colorful patterns, then this year is all about emphasizing fabric, shape and texture instead of highlighting the print or pattern.

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