Golf Tips for Beginners

Most people are intimidated by golf because it has many rules and appears to be so sophisticated. If you ask golf players, on the other hand, they will assure you that golf is one of the best sports out there, if not the absolute best. If you are interested in starting to play golf and you are not sure where to start, we have some tips here that will help you enjoy the game:

Take some lessons

No one expects you to go to a golf course and immediately know how to play. It is a process that needs some learning. You can either read about it online or you can book a lesson and take some one-on-one classes on the right way to hold the club, the best postures, the stance, the swings and everything in between. Lessons will help you learn the basics and build your confidence so you can be ready to impress your colleagues in the club course. You also need to read about golf rules in regards to scoring and keeping count.

Learn the etiquette

Golfers love their etiquettes and traditions. For example, if you make a shot and it flys closer and closer to another player, you must shout “Fore” loudly, so it would not hit that person. Another thing golfers care greatly about is the course, they fix any damage they leave with their clubs and they will expect you to do the same, so do not forget to repair pitch marks and to replace divots. Sometimes golf clubs also have their specific rules that must be followed, so check with the club before you play.

Buy the equipment

The right equipment will help you improve your game. It does not have to be the most expensive set out there. Start with a basic collection of golf clubs then build your collection little by little. In the beginning, it is better to focus on improving your skills, then you can indulge in the latest golf products on the market.

Choose the right clothes

If you know anything about golf, then you must know how important the right golf clothes are. Dress code is always applied in golf games and clubs. Polo shirts, chino or plaid pants, golf shoes, and a golf hat should be a part of your wardrobe for your days on the golf course. Clothing etiquettes are important in the golf world with many dos and don’ts that everyone should follow. For example, never wear jeans, sweatpants or sandals to the course. As for women, they are discouraged to wear sundresses or short skirts without tights underneath. Some clubs have specific rules for attires and colors, so always check beforehand.


If you want to improve your skills more, you need to practice regularly. All the tips and pieces of advice you hear and read will not help you on the course unless you practice more and more. Start in a practice range and work on your swing, your posture, your hitting distance, and on hitting the ball every time. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you are there to learn. Take your time and you will not regret it.

Go to the golf course prepared

Now that you have the right tools, know the rules and own the attire, it is time to up your game and go to the golf course. Before you go, there are some things you need to take with you. The obvious ones are water, golf towels, sunblock, and gloves. However, you will also need a bug repellent, divot fixers, and a sharpie. Yes, a sharpie. Golfers love to mark their golf balls and they usually use a sharpie to add a unique sign to their golf balls so they can recognize them easily on the course. So add these items to your golf bag and you would be good to go.


Since you are starting to play golf and building your skills, no one will expect you to win tournaments, so relax, enjoy your time, socialize and make golf buddies. Golf can be tough and physically tiring but it is also rewarding and good for your health, so keep it fun and stress-free.

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